Informace o mimořádné změně poštovních podmínek

V důsledku mimořádné situace spojené s šířením viru COVID-19 dochází ke změně poštovních podmínek České pošty. Pro více informací sledujte Aktuální informace o omezení nabídky služeb.

Domestic letters

Standard letter services available at our outlets all over the country.

Registered Letter

Use the Registered Letter scheme if you need clear evidence of delivery of your letter to the addressee. We will quickly deliver your messages and confirm also the time of delivery of your letter to the addressee.

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Ordinary Letter

Are you seeking a cost-effective, simple, and fast way of writing to your family members, friends, customers or business partners? Ordinary Letter is simply ideal for exchanging ordinary correspondence. As well as for those who want to save money.

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Business Letter

Are you a bulk mailer of ordinary as well as registered letters? Do you prefer the possibility of VAT deduction? Business Letter offers you an attractive price according to the volume and destination of your mail.

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Insured Letter

Money, jewellery, cheques, or documents of value? Use the Insured Letter scheme to send your valuables to the addressee in a special package available at the post office and with increased security. It comes with compensation cover up to CZK 1,000,000.

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Reply Mail

The price of Reply Mail consignments is paid by the addressee. This improves the likelihood that the consignment will be sent and saves the sender's time and money. This service is available to users - addressees under an agreement signed with Czech Post.

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Ordinary Mail for the Blind

The Ordinary Mail for the Blind scheme enables blind and partially sighted people and organisations or institutions for the blind to send or receive correspondence in Braille or audio records for personal use by the blind.

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Registered Mail for the Blind

In addition to the Ordinary Mail for the Blind scheme, Registered Mail for the Blind offers confirmation of posting and confirmation of delivery to the blind addressee and provides compensation for lost, damaged or part loss consignments up to CZK 1080.

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Take advantage of Postfax for fast domestic transmission of documents from or to any person even if they have no fax machine. You can send your document from any post office or from your own fax station to any ordinary domestic delivery address.

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