You will be alerted about delivery of your parcel by an email or SMS sent to your mobile phone.


Service description

The Alerts service provides electronic (SMS or email) alerts of delivery of consignments.

Senders who select any of the Parcel Delivery To Hand, Parcel Delivery To Post Office,  Balíkovna parcel pickup outlet , Complete Parcel, Insured Letter, Registered Packet, Insured Parcel, EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE or Oversize Parcel Delivery services and provide us with their contact details (address plus mobile phone number or email address) will get Alerts for the addressee free of charge.

Users of the Parcel Delivery To Hand , Parcel Delivery To Post Office ,Domestic EMS, Insured Parcel, Registered Packet, and Insured Letter services can ask for Alerts as an optional additional service (the addressee will be provided, free of charge, with information about delivery of the consignment). Senders who select the additional service e-Return Receipt (SMS/email alert of delivery of the consignment for the sender) will be provided with an SMS or email notification about receipt of the consignment by the addressee. This type of alerts is a paid service according to the current Pricelist.


Service provision

We will send you an SMS or email message with information such as the expected date of delivery of the parcel; COD amount; depositing of the parcel. To do so, we need to know your contact details, i.e. your mobile phone number and/or email address.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to provide online shop operators or mail order companies with your mobile phone number and/or email address when you buy their products online. They will transfer these details to us together with your parcel so that we can easily contact you and deliver your parcel as soon as possible.

Alternatively, if you send a parcel, just fill in the addressee’s contact details in the posting form, ask for the Alerts service, and leave the rest to us.

Alerts for addressees

If you are the addressee of a parcel, you will be notified about your parcel free of any charge.

We are ready to send you the following information:

  • Expected date of delivery of your parcel;
  • COD amount payable against delivery of your parcel;
  • That your parcel has been deposited at the post office;
  • That your parcel has been deposited because you were not at the given address at the time of delivery attempt;
  • Forthcoming end of the collection time (deadline for pickup of your parcel).


Alerts for senders

If you are the sender of a parcel and want to make sure that the addressee will have received it (for instance, if you sell products at auction sites and need to know that the addressee will have accepted the parcel), just ask the counter clerk for electronic notification about delivery of the parcel (receipt of the parcel by the addressee) to be sent to your contact phone number or email address filled in the posting form. 


Who can use Alerts

Alerts is available to individuals or legal entities, sending parcels occasionally without contract, or as contractual consignors (online shop operators, mail order companies).

The following requirements have to be fulfilled by individuals who want to use Alerts:

  1. Provide the counter clerk with the addressee’s contact details;
  2. Ask the counter clerk for the additional service Alerts;
  3. Select the method of notification: by an SMS message, by an email message, or by a combination of both methods.

The following requirements have to be fulfilled by contractual consignors who want to use Alerts:

  1. Sign an Agreement on the Conditions for Transfers of Personal Data in connection with Alerts Services;
  2. Transfer the contact details of addressees using data files or bulk posting forms; 
  3. Select any of the below-mentioned additional services:

Service price

The price of Alerts for addressees is included in the basic price of the consignment, i.e. the service is free of charge for the addressee.

Senders may use the optional service eReturn Receipt (electronic notification about delivery of the consignment - receipt of the consignment by the addressee) paid for according to the current Pricelist.


Contact details

Any questions, comments or motions that can help us improve this service are welcome at our email address