Online Change of Delivery Instructions

When contacting our delivery person, please wear a mask or other recommended protection. Thank you for your understanding.

Try our innovated application Online Change of Delivery Instructions.

You have been notified about the scheduled time and place of delivery of your parcel but you know that you will not be there. You need a longer collection time to pick up your parcel or you would like to have your parcel redelivered.

Just log into this application and change the delivery instructions to meet your needs.

The instructions are divided into three categories:

Change of the place of delivery:

  • Redirect to another address
  • Deposit directly at the post office
  • Deposit the Parcel Delivery to Post Office consignment at another post office
  • Deposit at another post office

Change of the date/time of delivery:

  • Deliver between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. (standard delivery)
  • Deliver on another working day
  • Extend the collection time at the post office
  • Redeliver

Restricted delivery to alternative recipients:


  • Deliver only to persons staying at my home
  • Deliver only to myself

How does it work?

  1. Once you have received the email or SMS notification about delivery of your consignment, you can log into the application.
  2. Enter the consignment posting number and your contact email address or mobile phone number to which the notification was sent to log into the application if you want to change the delivery instructions for your consignment.
  3. All instructions you can change at that time will be displayed.
  4. Enter the authorisation code sent to your contact email address or mobile phone number to confirm the requested changes.
  5. You can change the instructions from the time of posting of your consignment to its depositing or delivery; the last entered instruction supersedes the previous one.
  6. Most instructions can be changed free of charge. If you request a change that is paid for, the application will inform you about the price payable upon delivery of the consignment.

The service is available with these types of consignments: Parcel Delivery To Hand, Parcel Delivery To Post Office, Express Parcel, Oversize Parcel, EMS, Insured Parcel, Insured Letter, Registered Packet.

Login to application.