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Working with time stamps and certificates is much easier when you use adequate software. PDF Signer will enable you to sign and stamp your PDF documents within seconds; VerisignIT will do the same even with other formats of documents, such as Word, Excel or images.

Download a 30-day demo version of these programmes and test them free of charge.

You can also test another PostSignum programme, LongTermValidator START, which will definitely remove all your worries about long-term validity of data messages.

PDF Signer

The PDF Signer application uses certificates to sign PDF documents. It can sign multiple documents at a single time, and you can use it to attach time stamps or administer and monitor certificates.

Other benefits include:

  • monitoring of the validity of your certificate,
  • user-friendly interface.



VerisignIT is a programme developed for signing and authenticating of electronic documents in different formats, for administration of certificates, signature filing service or secure communication between servers. It can also:

  • electronically sign the pdf, doc, docx, jpg, xls, xlsx, txt, xml, isdoc/isdocx formats,
  • authenticate signatures and convert documents into the PDF/A format.


LongTermValidator START

All data messages are stored in the data mailbox only for 90 days after which time they are automatically deleted. If you want to keep your messages after this time, you can store them directly in your data mailbox using the Data Safe service, or you can store them on your computer or in another local storage facility and timestamp them. The LongTermValidator START programme will help you do so.

It will not only store your messages but also timestamp them in order to guarantee their long-term validity. The programme automatically monitors the validity of time stamps and automatically re-stamps expiring messages.


Chip card readers

If you are an electronic identity card holder, you will certainly appreciate the chip card reader GemPC Twin USB. Just plug it into a USB port of your computer to start using the electronic signature stored in your identity card.



Product Price excl. of VAT Price incl. of VAT
PDF Signer CZK 590 CZK 714
VerisignIT CZK 1,590 CZK 1,924
Long Term Validator - START CZK 490 CZK 593
GemPC Twin USB
CZK 554 CZK 670



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