Take advantage of EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE to have your documents and goods weighing up to 20kg delivered as fast as possible within the Czech Republic.


Once posted, EMS items can be tracked&traced on the Czech Post's website (Track&Trace). The maximum compensation payable for EMS items is the declared value.



  • High-quality, fast and reliable service.
  • Guaranteed delivery by 2 p.m. the next working day.
  • Delivery on Saturday, at select places also on Sunday and holidays.
  • Available with a large number of additional services.
  • Declared value up to CZK 100,000.
  • No extra charge for declared value up to CZK 30,000.



Parameter Description
Certificate of posting Yes
Posting documents Posting Form, all kinds of Bulk Posting Forms (on paper), Electronic Posting Form, or Data File
Certificate of delivery Yes
Compensation Compensation for lost, damaged or part loss items up to the declared value (max. CZK 100,000).
Maximum weight 20kg (weight precision on posting: 10g)
Minimum size 15x10.5cm
Maximum size None of the dimensions may exceed 120cm. The maximum sum of length, width and height of items of a rectangular shape is 200cm. Shapes other than rectangular will be assessed accordingly.



Valid from the 1st of February 2018
Weight up to 2kg 5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg
Price without V.A.T. (CZK) 116.52 139.66 171.06 204.12 239.66
Price with V.A.T. (CZK) 141.00 169.00 207.00 247.00 290.00

The prices of EMS and related additional services are without V.A.T. and with V.A.T. at the statutory rate.

Additional services

Price without V.A.T.

Price with V.A.T.

Certificate of Delivery
The sender will get a written confirmation of delivery of the item to the recipient.

CZK 14.88

CZK 18

Cash on delivery (C.O.D.)
The C.O.D. amount, given by the sender, will be collected from the recipient on delivery of the item and paid to the sender or to a person designated by the sender in cash or by bank transfer to a bank account specified by the sender.

CZK 14.05

CZK 17

Delivery to the Addressee Only
The item will be delivered:

  • in case of items addressed to individuals, only to the addressee, a person authorised by the addressee, a legal representative of the addressee, or a person authorised by the addressee's legal representative;
  • in case of items addressed to legal persons, to the addressee's authorised person only.

CZK 9.92

CZK 12

Delivery to the Addressee in Person Only
In case of items addressed to individuals, the sender may order delivery to the addressee in person only.

CZK 9.92

CZK 12

Shorter Collection Time
The standard time for collection of an item from the post office is 15 days. The sender may order a shorter collection time of 3 or 10 days.

included in the price of the service

Longer Collection Time Set by the Sender
The standard time for collection of an item from the post office is 15 days. The sender may order a longer collection time by 15 days.

CZK 19.83

CZK 24

Collection of EMS at the Sender's Premises

CZK 90.08

CZK 109

Delivery of EMS on Sunday/Holiday

CZK 90.08

CZK 109

You can find details on other additional services and extra charges in the Complete Price List of the Czech Post Services or at any post office.

Extra charges
Added to other charges for posting EMS
Price without V.A.T. Price with V.A.T.
Declared value up to CZK 30,000 included in the price of the service
for every started CZK 10,000 above CZK 30,000 CZK 14.22 CZK 17
Special handling is available for items that require extra care. For items weighing 10kg or less.
CZK 29.75 CZK 36
Reply Mail CZK 4.13 CZK 5



In cash on posting, with postage stamps.



  • You can post your EMS item at any post office.
  • You can order collection of your EMS item directly at your premises (available only in select locations).
  • Fill in the address data and declared value in the Address Label.
  • If your item weighs more than 15kg, make it up to facilitate safe and easy handling by two persons.



  • Your EMS item will be delivered to the recipient only against certificate of delivery.
  • Parcels deposited at a post office can be picked up without showing ID card. The only thing to know is the pickup code from the text or email notification. The parcel can therefore be picked up by a third party.
  • You can get information on delivery of your Insured Parcel by calling us toll free at +420 954 292 102 or by using our online Track&Trace service.
  • Delivery information are available the day next to the posting.