PostKomplet centres provide full services in the area of domestic and international letter and parcel mail processing and door-to-door mail products.


PostKomplet locations

  • Praha
  • Olomouc
  • Ústí nad Labem


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Portfolio of Services

  1. Returns management services: creation of databases of items returned incl. reasons for return; database control.
  2. Own supplies of packaging materials.
  3. Customer stock warehousing.
  4. Printing of addresses (in the format required by the Czech Post for address sides of mail) on labels, paper sheets or forms; the addresses (DBF or XLS files) may be provided on diskettes, CDs or sent by email.
  5. Printing of all forms and documents required by post offices for bulk mailings.
  6. Preparation of materials for nationwide distribution (the volumes are set according to the current numbers of households, businesses and P.O. Boxes in the area of each delivery post office).
  7. Hand assembly of envelopes:
    1. any types and sizes of envelopes (incl. shock-resistant and cardboard envelopes); 
    2. unlimited number of inserts (incl. samples of merchandise);
    3. envelopes can be provided by customers or supplied by the PostKomplet centre;
    4. different formats of inserts.
  8. Hand assembly of packages:
    1. unlimited number of inserts (letters, catalogues, samples of merchandise, etc.);
    2. cardboard boxes, tubes and other types of packages;
    3. packages can be provided by customers or supplied by the PostKomplet centre.
  9. Assembly and foil wrapping of catalogues, magazines, etc.:
    1. clear or non-transparent foil;
    2. for formats ranging from A5/6 to A4 and max. 1.2cm thick.
  10. Foil wrapping of packages:
    1. clear foil;
    2. standard or shrink foil;
    3. for A5 or A4 formats, maximum size: 500x380x250mm.
  11. Reply mail services:
    1. creation of a temporary P.O. Box;
    2. evaluation of returned answers;
    3. creation of an electronic database;
    4. reply mail barcode scanning.
  12. Mail order services:
    1. customers' stock management and warehousing;
    2. order processing system;
    3. mail assembly and dispatch;
    4. disassembly of returns.
  13. Distribution services:
    1. nationwide distribution of promotional materials to households and P.O. Boxes, with options including selection of regions or towns/villages and complete preparation of materials;
    2. sorting and bundling by routes in accordance with the Czech Post service conditions or the customer's instructions;
    3. direct dispatch to the Czech Post's main logistic network via the optimum postal service;
    4. exact timing of each mail distribution event;
    5. one-off or continuous dispatches.