What is Hybrid Mail?

The Hybrid Mail scheme provides a full solution to bulk mailers of business correspondence. The customer simply emails a data file to a PostServis centre for transformation into physical mail. The centre will do the printing and enveloping job and immediately dispatch the mail for delivery.

The reverse process, i.e. converting physical documents into electronic form, is also available. The customer can also order evaluation of the scanned documents (e.g. evaluation of returns).


Data security

We guarantee maximum security of data transmissions via our order collection system. For information about the online application click on

Our data security system includes secure data storage, the presence of physical security guards and camera installations in the premises of PostServis centres, controlled entry of employees into the premises.


What can be converted?

We print addressed and unaddressed documents with variable data. An additional colour is available for a maximum A3-sized formats. Full-colour printing by the CopyPress technology is available for small volume orders. Acceptable paper weights are 80 to 180gms. Maximum printing quality is 600dpi.

The enveloping system has a barcode control to ensure 100% reliability of the inserting process. The system can insert up to 4 non-personalised documents with the optional selection of inserts according to their barcodes.


Printing, enveloping, dispatching

  • Invoices
  • Tax documents
  • Reminders
  • Direct mail
  • Bank, savings bank, pension scheme statements
  • Money orders
  • Questionnaires
         - including evaluation of replies


Full-colour printing

  • Postcards
  • Invitation cards
  • Greeting cards
  • Business cards



All our solutions are open, flexible, without binding our customers to long-time cooperation. We are trying to achieve the latter by providing our customers with high-quality services. We can offer you our knowledge and experience in developing a simple, reliable and flexible solution. Our cooperation may start with single events leading up to full outsourcing of your business correspondence. Having the ability to process one hundred as well as one million items, we put no limits on the quantity of processed mail.

Time savings

  • Fast data transmission, printing, assembly, wrapping and dispatch for delivery.
  • Fast supplies of necessary materials (such as, foil, letterhead paper, envelopes).
  • Evaluation of replies, evaluation of filled forms.

Cost savings

  • Takeover of stock management cost.
  • Cost savings due to our materials being bought at wholesale prices.
  • Postage and processing cost optimisation (technology and volume discounts).

Reliable and flexible approach

  • Ability to meet your needs.
  • Connection to traditional postal services.

Nationwide coverage

  • Mutual replaceability of PostServis centres with nationwide coverage.
  • Your mail will be delivered the day next to the assembly thanks to our direct link to the Czech Post's logistic network.

Full visibility and control

  • You can check the status of your mail online at all times.
  • You can search for printed documents online in our electronic archive.


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