Basic information

Company name: Česká pošta, s. p.
Legal status: state-owned enterprise
Registered office: Praha 1, Politických vězňů 909/4, 225 99
Identification number: 47114983
Number of Data Boxes: kr7cdry
Statutory body: Ing. Roman Knap
Founder: Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic
Nad Štolou 3, 170 34 Praha 7 - Letná

In 2018

  • 28 050 - Full time equivalent of employees (FTE)
  • Česká pošta delivered 52 million parcels in 2020. The largest volume was delivered in November, amounting to 6,670,698 packages, which was a 47% increase year-on-year.
  • The number of Balíkovna parcel rooms totalled 2,312 at the end of 2020. Of these, 370 were available at ČP branches, 544 were external and 1,398 were Balíkovna pick-up points operating within the Sazka network. In 2020, the Balíkovna service dispensed some 3 million parcels, nearly triple the volume recorded in 2019.
  • Česká pošta handled 1,128,805 parcels in its network at one time. This is a new record as the number more than doubled compared to 2019.
  • 2:07 minutes is the average time for providing service to a customer at a Balíkovna counter. Due to a speedier pick-up process, 93% of clients do not wait longer than three minutes.
  • Česká pošta delivered 3 million packages to people over the age of 60 as part of the government's programme for free distribution of protective aids. 185,000 packages were delivered to people with disabilities. Česká pošta thus solidified its position as a key partner in the state crisis infrastructure.
  • Česká pošta operated 692 Partner post offices at the end of the year, 58 of which opened during December. The majority of Partner post offices (59%) are operated by municipalities, whereas 23% are operated by natural persons and 18% by legal entities.
  • The number of active data boxes exceeded one million. The data box system was launched in 2009 and since then 688,923 data boxes were set up to comply with the law and 480,057 were set up voluntarily.
  • The Postal Museum staged or prepared 19 exhibitions in 2020.
  • Česká pošta implemented 15 new projects in 2020. Major projects include Balíkovna Partner, Electronic Motorway Vignettes, Increasing the Efficiency of Post Office Operations, and Mobile Post Offices.
  • The Stamp Production Department prepared 160 stamp issues in 2020, including 93 own stamps, 48 commemorative and paid stamps and 19 issues of commemorative stamps.
  • 3 stamps produced by Česká pošta were awarded at the international philatelic competition Nexofil held in Madrid, Spain. The miniature sheet “30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and Karel Kryl” won in the Best Stamp Design of the World category.