Customs clearance


The General Director of Czech post, Mr. Roman Knap, declares that from March 16th, 2020, all unprotected/ uncovered counters at Post office Praha 120 will be closed.

Custom clearance of consignments will be possible only through representation by the Czech Post (documentation can be sent either by mail or by e-mail in electronic form). Please see notes 1 or 2, and note 4 in the Notice of the arrival of mail from abroad. Personal custom clearance will not be possible.

This measure is valid immediatelly, until further notice.

FAQs: Customs clearance

Answers to questions about customs clearance, the role of clearance agent, how customs duty, charges and VAT are assessed.

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Are you expecting an international consignment?

What’s happening with your consignment once it arrives in the Czech Republic, when cooperation with the addressee is required.

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Sending consignments abroad?

Which forms are to be completed, where to send the consignment and when clearance agent’s services are necessary.

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