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 Online Posting

Use Online Posting for a fast and easy handling of background data necessary to send parcels, money orders, or letters. It is provided free of charge.

Online Posting enables you to:

  • Create address databases
  • Print address labels
  • Import bulk mailing data
  • Export required data

Online Posting is designed to meet the needs of businesses. It is available under a contract with Czech Post and after creation of an account in the PostOnline Client Zone.

You can get more information on Online Posting from your sales representative or by calling our customer information line.

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Online Letter

Do not print your correspondence any more. You will do without envelopes, stamps, or seeking a post office or mail box. Just use a few clicks to save your letters, invoices, or any other documents as PDF files. Online Letter will print, envelope and send them to the addressee. Online Letter is available for both ordinary and registered letters sent to addresses in the Czech Republic and certain European countries.

Benefits of Online Letter

  • Send your letters online from anywhere in the world
  • They will be fast delivered to addresses in the Czech Republic and certain European countries
  • You can attach an electronic signature
  • You can use payments in arrears or multiple payments
  • You will get an easy to navigate list of sent letters

Parcel pickup

A test run for Olomouc, Břeclav and Sušice has just started!

You don’t have to bring your parcel in to a post office any more. Order its pickup from your home or office.

More information on Parcel pickup (Only available in Czech).