Time stamps

Service description

A time stamp guarantees that the given data in electronic format existed in the given form at the given time. The system time recorded in documents is easy to manipulate; a time stamp is therefore the only evidence of how your document looked at the time you stamped it. At the same time it will extend the validity of an electronically signed document by at least 5 years.

This suitable accessory to electronic signature can be used e.g.:

  • for archiving electronic documents;
  • for electronic transactions, such as invoicing;
  • for filing electronic forms;
  • simply anywhere where you need to prove what your electronic document looked at a certain time..



Extend the validity of your documents by up to 5 years
Electronic signatures are valid for 1 year. But if you timestamp an electronically signed document, its validity will be extended by up to 5 years.

Clearly prove what the document looked like at a given time
Timestamp and electronically sign your document to clearly show since when it has not changed.

Prepaid, or postpaid? Order as many time stamps as you want
If you know in advance how many time stamps you will use, order postpaid time stamps at a fixed flat rate. If the monthly volume varies, or if you are not sure how many time stamps you may need, you may prefer prepaid packages of time stamps or postpaid time stamps at a variable flat rate.

If you buy a prepaid package, you can use the time stamps as you go. If you order postpaid time stamps, we will send you an invoice for the fee for the stamps used in the previous month.
You can find more information in the Pricelist.

Order them online
You can easily order prepaid packages of time stamps online.

Don't worry about the operating system
You can use time stamps on your computer with any operating system or on mobile devices with the Android or iOS operating systems.

Keep your time stamps under control
Our PostSignum Customer Portal is a user-friendly tool for administration and documentation of certificates which will also keep you informed about the quantity of time stamps used by you or your employees in a given month. No software installations, no papers, no worries.

You can rely on us
PostSignum is the largest certification authority in the Czech Republic. We issue over 10,000 certificates and over 14 million time stamps in a single month. We are the only certification authority with certified conformity to the standards ČSN EN ISO 9001 and ČSN ISO/IEC 27001.





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