Qualified certificates

Service description

Do you need to communicate with public authorities via email? Why not get a qualified certificate, often called electronic signature. It replaces legalised signature and clearly identifies you in the electronic world. Also if you electronically sign a document, your signature will prove that its content has not changed since the signing.

Qualified certificates will help you:

  • electronically archive documents;
  • electronically file tax return forms;
  • send data messages if your company has more than one registered agents;
  • communicate with the Czech Social Security Administration;
  • use electronic forms and e-filing services;
  • use e-marketplaces.

You can choose between personal and system certificates. A qualified personal certificate identifies a concrete person while a qualified system certificate is like a corporate stamp. System certificates are mostly used when certified documents are sent automatically.



Papers only at the beginning

Paper documents to check the identity of the customer and the user(s) are required only at the signing of the agreement and issuance of the first certificate. You can use an electronic application form to get any subsequent certificate before the expiry of your existing certificate.

Services close at hand

PostSignum services are available at almost 1,000 post offices offering Czech POINT services. If you prefer us coming to you, order the Mobile Registration Authority service. Thanks to our Mobile Registration Authority we will be able to render our services to you directly at a place chosen by you.

No worry about the operating system

Our certificates may be used and application forms for the issuance of a certificate may be generated in any application and in any operating system. We recommend the iSignum programme available for Windows operating systems which will help you generate an application form for the issuance of a certificate. In other operating systems (LINUX, OS X) you can use the PostSignum Tool. Alternatively, you can use the Software 602 Form Signer in mobile devices with the Android or iOS operating systems to generate and actively use our certificates.

You can store your certificates on almost any chip card or on a small USB token Safe Key. If you store your certificates on a Safe Key token, the associated PIN code will improve their security. No one will be able to get access to your certificates without the right PIN. At the same time you will have them always with you.

Get an extra 20 days

Extend the validity of your certificate electronically, and you will get the subsequent certificate valid for an additional 20 days. You need not worry about expiry of your certificate; you will get an email alert 20 and 7 days before the expiry date to notify you about the need for extension.

Keep your certificates under control

With the PostSignum Customer Portal you need not worry about how to keep records of your certificates. This user-friendly tool for administration of your certificates will help you track your certificates and stamps used by your employees. No software installations, no papers, no worries.

You can rely on us

PostSignum is the largest certification authority in the Czech Republic. We issue over 10,000 certificates and over 14 million time stamps in a single month. We are the only certification authority with certified conformity to the standards ČSN EN ISO 9001 and ČSN ISO/IEC 27001.






Documents to download

Agreements, certification policies, other manuals and instructions for use

Certificates of certification authorities

Certificate revocation lists (CRL)



For further information, call the information line or visit the website www.postsignum.cz.