Insured Letter

The only letter product for safe delivery of valuables with added peace of mind.


You can use Insured Letter for mailing money, precious metals and stones and products made out of them, jewellery and similar valuables, securities, traveller cheques, bearer cheques, bills of exchange, payment cards, gift vouchers.



Posting - You can post your Insured Letter at any post office or with authorised postal staff anywhere. You will get a certificate of posting.

Safe for valuables - Use a special envelope and mark the declared value on the Insured Letter to secure safe delivery of your valuables.

Declared value up to CZK one million - You can declare the value of your Insured Letter up to CZK 1,000,000.

Confirmed delivery - Your Insured Letter will be delivered to the addressee only against confirmation of delivery.


Mail Status Alerts

Mail Status Alerts is another novel service provided by us as part of our extending portfolio of services.

Arrival Alert

If you choose this additional service, the addressee will receive an SMS or email alert with information on the status of arrival.

Delivery Alert

If you choose this additional service, the sender will receive an SMS or email alert with information on the status of delivery.

Mail Status Alerts is available for the following services: Insured Parcel, Registered Packet, EMS.



Parameter Description 
Certificate of posting Yes
Posting documents Posting Form, all kinds of Bulk Posting Forms (on paper), Electronic Posting Form, or Data File
Certificate of delivery Yes
Compensation Compensation for lost, damaged or part loss items up to the declared value (max. CZK 1,000,000).
Maximum weight 2 kg (weight precision on posting: 1g)
Size According to the size of special security plastic envelopes (obligatory) available from the Czech Post.C5 envelopes - 16.2x22.9cm (for contents sized A5)C4 envelopes - 22.9x32.4cm (for contents sized A4)



Valid from the 1st of July 2023 

Insured Letter Weight up to / Price (CZK)*
50 g 100 g 500 g 1 kg 2 kg

 Basic price







Price for Customer Card holders

1 – 9 letters






10+ letters






 Price for letters paid for by franking machine or credit and for Hybrid Mail customers






Price without the extra charge for declared value.

This basic postal service and the related additional services and extra charges are VAT-free.


Discount in CZK per consignment

Discount for delivery of posting data in electronic format


Extra charges for declared value Price
- up to CZK 5,000 CZK 6
- up to CZK 30,000 CZK 14
- for every started CZK 10,000 above CZK 30,000 CZK 14
Additional services Price 
Certificate of Delivery
The sender will get a written confirmation of delivery of the item to the recipient.
CZK 23
The COD amount, given by the sender, will be collected from the recipient on delivery of the item and paid, in cash or by bank transfer, to the sender or a person designated by the sender. Other surcharges:
  • If a Money Order A for COD is used
  • If a Money Order C for COD is used

CZK 14


CZK 53

CZK 63

Delivery to the Addressee Only
The item will be delivered:
  • in case of items addressed to individuals, only to the addressee, a person authorised by the addressee, a legal representative of the addressee, or a person authorised by the addressee's legal representative;
  • in case of items addressed to legal persons, to the addressee's authorised person only.
CZK 18
Delivery to the Addressee in Person Only
In case of items addressed to individuals, the sender may order delivery to the addressee in person only.
CZK 18
Shorter Collection Time
The standard time for collection of an item from the post office is 15 days. The sender may order a shorter collection time of 10 days.
included in the price of the service
Electronic alerts
An SMS alert on arrival
An email alert on arrival
included in the price of the service
An SMS alert on delivery

An e-mail alert on delivery
included in the price of the service
Reply Mail CZK 4

You can find details on other additional services and extra charges in the Complete Price List of the Czech Post Services or at any post office.



In cash and, for contractual customers, by payment involving no cash or against invoice.



Only sealed envelope in the form of a special security plastic envelope available from the Czech Post is acceptable. Seal the envelope in accordance with the accompanying instructions. Do not stick anything on the envelope. Do not correct any data given on the envelope. Mark the declared value of your Insured Letter (maximum CZK 1,000,000).

The price depends on the weight and declared value. Additional services are available for an extra charge.

Security envelopes

Special security plastic envelopes for Insured Letters Price 
C5 envelope (16.2 x22.9cm) CZK 11
C4 envelope (22.9 x32.4cm) CZK 16
C5 envelope for Cash on Delivery items (16.2 x22.9cm) CZK 16
C4 envelope for Cash on Delivery items (22.9 x32.4cm) CZK 20


Information on delivery

You can get information on delivery of your Insured Letter by using our on-line Track&Trace service or by calling us toll free at +420 800 10 44 10. The information will be available from the day next to the day of posting. You can ask for such information at the latest one month from the day of posting.