International Services – What’s new?


Starting from 01 October 2021, the method of customs clearance and value-added tax (VAT) payment for some consignments arriving from non-EU countries has changed again.

As of the date of effect of the amended VAT Act, the duty to pay VAT applies to all consignments with goods for private use of natural persons arriving from non-EU countries (except for goods with VAT paid at the online store). The limit for VAT exemption no longer applies.

All consignments worth less than EUR 150 newly require a customs declaration form to be filed online unless it has already been filed in another EU state.

More information is available here or on the Customs Administration’s website at


As required by the Universal Postal Union and its regulations, international services have undergone major changes this year, that are to continue in the coming year as well. We have been carefully preparing for all changes and have been introducing them in a way that will make them most comfortable or even beneficial to you, our customers.

What are the latest changes?

The year 2021 will be marked not only by legislative changes, but also by innovations, new benefits, and the improvement of electronic posting channels.

  1. As of 01 June 2021, we changed our Postal Terms and Conditions to specify clearly when and how the customs declaration form CN 22/CN 23 should be attached to consignments.

It is important to know the correct method of sending consignments abroad, in particular to non-EU destinations (“third countries”). The Postal Terms and Conditions  therefore clearly specify the rules applicable to the use of these forms (CN 22 or CN 23) and newly also the way to complete them.

The change is due to:

  • the stricter conditions of the foreign operators that increasingly require a customs declaration form;
  • elimination of the need to return inadequate consignments back to the sender; problem-free and fast customs clearance in the destination country; significantly shorter overall duration of transportation; fast delivery to the addressee.


  1.  As of 01 October 2021, we have implemented the legislation applicable to consignments arriving from countries outside the EU Taxation and Customs Union.

You can find more information here.

  1. The option to print single-ply forms CP 72 will be added to the Online Posting app.

For details, visit our product pages and/or other pages Customs clearanceAre you expecting an international consignment?, and Sending consignments abroad. These pages are continuously updated. You can also call our Call Centre at 800 10 44 10. Alternatively, contact your Czech Post sales representative.

We have taken these measures to comply with the applicable legislation and to make the process of transition to the application of tax on consignments from third countries and to the newly required posting data formats smoother. We will continue to develop preferred data channels and bring you other benefits resulting from your cooperation with us.

Please note that this web page is for information purposes only and that the dates and information provided may change depending on the development of the situation.