At posting

Prohibited and restricted goods

We can simply transport everything excepting goods which could endanger the safety and health of people or damage other consignments.

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Packaging advice

It is especially important for the sender to pack the consignment correctly. We will gladly inform you about how to safely and correctly pack your consignment.

How to correctly label the consignment

A correct address at the correct position is apparently the most important factor for timely and good delivery of your consignment.

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Sending consignments abroad

If you are sending an international consignment, the key thing for potential customs clearance is whether it is addressed to an EU or to a non-European country.

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All trackable services and their codes

Do you know the types of consignments you can track using our Track&Trace application?

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Bundling instructions

Bundling means that individual consignments are made into bundles directed to appropriate levels in the postal network as specified by the given business conditions, for a discount.

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Instruction for posting Commercial Letter consigment

A simple and reliable solution for bulk mailers of addressed advertising letters for nationwide delivery to letter boxes.

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Registered Mail consignments - barcodes

Simpler and faster posting, delivery, handover, return (if necessary) of mail.

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Address side format

Standards important mainly for production of envelopes so that they correspond with postal technology.

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