Prohibited and restricted goods

We refuse to carry any of the illegal or harmful items listed below:

  1. explosives,
  2. radioactive substances,
  3. narcotic and psychotropic substances,
  4. poisonous and caustic substances,
  5. infectious biological substances,
  6. solid carbon dioxide,
  7. pressure vessels, compressed or liquid gases and gas solutions,
  8. biological agents and toxins, oxidising, flammable and other chemical substances and preparations which are classified as dangerous under section 2 of the Act No. 157/1998 Coll., on chemical substances and chemical preparations and on modification of certain other laws, as amended, the Decree No. 474/2002 Coll., which implements the Act No. 281/2002 Coll., on certain measures connected with the prohibition of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons and on modification of the Trade Act,
  9. living vertebrates.

Restricted goods (things we can carry but with restrictions)

Any of the following items may be posted providing it meets all our requirements for acceptance of the item:

  1. perishable biological substances are mailable providing that should the substance deteriorate, it will neither cause an obnoxious odour, nuisance or disturbance nor leak through the package of the item,
  2. living animals other than vertebrates are mailable providing that they will not require a special care and attention during delivery,
  3. easy-to-break goods are mailable in special package protecting the goods from harm during standard handling of the item,
  4. liquids are mailable provided they are properly packed to prevent any leakage through the package of the item.

Money, activated payment cards and other means of payment; vouchers for goods or services; bills of exchange, cheques and other securities; objects of cultural, artistic or collectible value regardless of their age and price; jewellery, precious stones, precious metals and products made of them and other similarly valuable objects may be contained in mail only if it is expressly permitted for a particular postal service.