Future issues

Would you like to see the stamps prepared for the upcoming issue? There is usually a new issue coming out every month.

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Past issues

Past issues include all postage stamps and miniature sheets issued by Czech Post since its establishment in 1993.

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Annual issue plans

Annual issue plans include the issue plans for the current year, previous years and next year.

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Stamps identified with a letter

You can use stamps with a face value identified with the letter A, B,  E or Z to pay for the same services now or any time in the future (e.g. after an increase of postage rates).

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Most Beautiful Stamps

On this page you can find the Most Beautiful Stamps of the Year issued by Czech Post, as chosen by the public in the annual survey.

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Stamp vending machines

You can use stamp vending machines installed at selected post offices to print out stamps with a face value chosen from the available postage rates.

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