Stamp vending machines

Stamp vending machines (ATMs) were discontinued on 17 December 2020.

Známkový automat

The first machine selling stamps to the public was installed at the National Stamp Exhibition BRNO 2000 on 5 March 2000.

The SIMA 1351 ATMs came from France.

The machines printed the face value selected by the user on a sticker roll. Both banknotes and coins could be inserted in the machine to pay the value of the printed stamps.

Stamp vending machines were installed at different places at different times. Some were relocated depending on popular demand:

  • Post Office Brno 2
  • Post Office Brno 1
  • Post Office Karlovy Vary 1
  • Post Office Liberec 1
  • Post Office Opava 1
  • Post Office Prague 1
  • Post Office Ústí nad Labem 1
  • PostFila Shop, Prague 7
  • PostFila Warehouse, Prague 7

Over time, the vending machines wore out and due to the lack of spare parts, they were gradually removed from post offices without replacement.

The machine installed in the back office of the PostFila warehouse was not intended for the public. Its payment module was disabled and the machine was only used to print larger numbers of stamps ordered by customers.

Over the years, a total of four ATM stamps with motifs came out:

  • Veveří (stickers printed in France; initial installation on 5 March 2000);
  • Zvíkov (stickers printed by Kolínská tiskárna, a.s.; initial installation on 26 June 2002);
  • Jindřichův Hradec (stickers printed by Colognia press, a.s.; initial installation on 2 March 2005);
  • Průhonice (stickers printed by Colognia press, a.s.; initial installation on 3 September 2008).

After the stocks of the Průhonice stamp were exhausted, they were replaced by the Jindřichův Hradec stamp (1 February 2018). You can find an overview of face values available on ATM stamps here (xls, 36kB).

ATM - Průhonice  ATM - Jindřichův Hradec  ATM - hrad Veveří  ATM - hrad Zvíkov

All listed ATM stamps with a printed face value are still valid.

If you are interested, you can still order some ATM stamps with a printed face value. You can find an overview of stock here (xlsx, 38kB). The stamps can be ordered via our mail order service by an email sent to or by phone at 954 400 684.