Parcel Delivery To Hand


  • Under the Parcel Delivery To Hand scheme, we will deliver your parcels weighing up to 50 kg to any address in the Czech Republic.
  • If you use the additional service Complete Delivery, we will also unpack the delivered parcel and inspect its contents.
  • The packing materials will be removed by us and, if you order the service Old Appliance Removal, we will also remove the old appliance.

Our tip. Try our service Parcel Pickup. You don’t have to bring your parcel to a post office because we will pick it up directly at your home or office.



  • If you send your parcel before the decisive time for the relevant post office*, we will deliver it to any address in the Czech Republic immediately the next working day.
  • If you order the additional service Guaranteed Delivery Time, your parcel will be delivered by 2 p.m. at the latest on working days or Saturdays.
  • The addressee will receive an SMS or email message with information about the parcel movements starting from the day of posting.
  • Afternoon Delivery up to 7 p.m. (up to 8 p.m. in Prague) is also available in a number of cities in the country.
  • You can also use our online or mobile application to Change the Time or Manner of Delivery.
  • The basic price already includes a compensation cover for up to CZK 50,000 of declared value. You can order an additional cover for up to CZK 100,000.
  • Parcels weighing 30-50 kg are an ideal tool for transportation of household appliances or pet food.

* Decisive time is the latest acceptance time limit for posting a consignment at a post office so that it can be delivered the next working day. Each post office has a different decisive time limit. Please, check the relevant data in the Post Office Directory.


How to send a parcel

  • Bring the parcel with address details to a post office and produce your Customer Card or completed Posting Form.
  • You can send your parcel from select post offices or you can use the service Parcel Pickup and have your parcel picked up directly at your home or office.
  • If you want us to inform the addressee before any delivery attempt, please give us the addressee’s contact details (mobile phone or email address).
  • If you give us the contact details, you will also get a discount from the basic price.
  • Parcels over 30 kg may only be posted under a contract. They will not be accepted at post offices.


Delivery to the addressee

  • Parcels are delivered between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on working days. Afternoon delivery between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. (8 p.m. in Prague) is available in certain cities.
  • We will send you an SMS or email message to inform you about the expected date/time of delivery. We can only do so if the sender has given us your correct contact details.
  • If the delivery attempt fails, your parcel will be deposited at the nearest depositing post office. You will receive an SMS or email message with information about the depositing and pickup options. We will also drop a notice about your parcel into your letter box.


Afternoon delivery

  • If you have already received an SMS or email message with information about sending of the parcel, you can request a Change of the Time or Manner of Delivery by midnight of the day when you received the message.
  • First check whether Afternoon Delivery is available in your location. If it is available, use this online form to submit your request.
  • The delivery staff will call you by phone to arrange for the exact time of delivery.



Parameter Description
Certificate of posting Yes
Posting documents Posting Form, all kinds of Bulk Posting Forms (on paper), Electronic Posting Form, or Data File
Certificate of receipt Your parcel will be delivered to the recipient only against certificate of delivery.
Compensation The basic price covers compensation for loss, damage or part loss up to the declared value (max. CZK 50,000). Higher compensation cover up to CZK 100,000 is also available for a surcharge.
Maximum weight 50 kg (the weight is determined upon posting with accuracy to 100 g; if your parcel weighs more than 15 kg, make it up to facilitate safe and easy handling by two persons)
Minimum size 15x10.5 cm (rolls: 15x3.5 cm)
Maximum size The length may not exceed 180 cm or the total of all three dimensions may not exceed 240 cm. A surcharge for Cumbersome parcels will be added to the price of larger parcels. The maximum dimension of the parcel may not exceed 240 cm; the total of all three dimensions may not exceed 300 cm.



Valid from the 1st of February 2018

Weight up to


without V.A.T.


with V.A.T.

Weight up to


without V.A.T.


with V.A.T.

2 kg

CZK 105,78

CZK 128,00

20 kg

CZK 204,12 

CZK 247,00

5 kg

CZK 117,35 

CZK 142,00

30 kg

CZK 234,70 

CZK 284,00

10 kg

CZK 134,70 

CZK 163,00

50 kg

CZK 304,94 

CZK 369,00

15 kg

CZK 180,98

CZK 219,00