Postal Ombudsman

Česká pošta - Pavel BobekThe Czech Post is a trustworthy and reliable partner of its clients. Regardless of how much we try to help our clients, we may face a situation when our client is not content about the solution of their claim or complaint. At the same time we would welcome any good idea of how to further improve our services.



Ing. Pavel Bobek,
Postal Ombudsman



Who are the users of Postal Ombudsman's services?

Postal Ombudsman provides services to all customers of the Czech Post, both individuals and legal entities, that went through the standard claim and complaint handling procedure and, despite having used all available ordinary and remedial measures, still feel some doubt or dissatisfaction about the results of the procedure.

Please note that cases which have not yet passed through the standard claim and complaint handling procedure of the Czech Post will not be handled by the Postal Ombudsman.


Before you contact the Postal Ombudsman

If you are not satisfied with our services and would like to make a claim or complaint, please contact:

How can you contact the Postal Ombudsman?

If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint or query, or if you have an interesting idea about how to improve our services, please contact the Postal Ombudsman:

  • by post: Poštovní ombudsman, Ing. Pavel Bobek, Poštovní přihrádka 99, 225 99 Praha 025
  • by email:


The Postal Ombudsman will pay an immediate attention to your complaint or motion, and will inform you about the outcome within 60 days. Should your case require a more complex solution, you will be informed about further measures within the 60 days' period.