Distribution of Information/Promotional Materials


A simple and reliable service to distribute unaddressed bulk posted information and promotional materials which are not intended for concrete addressees and whose contents do not breach valid laws. good morals and the Czech Post's business interests. Such materials can be delivered to letter boxes. delivery boxes of homes. businesses. offices and institutions. or P.O. boxes in the whole Czech Republic.

 What can I post?

Information materials

such as. bulletins. information leaflets. notices of change of registered office. etc. (materials which are outside the definition of advertising in the meaning of the Act No. 40/1995 Coll.. on advertising regulation. as amended*)

Promotional materials

such as. promotional leaflets of individuals. non-profit organisations. political parties and movements. advertising papers. catalogues. samples of goods. etc.



Favourable price – the most efficient unaddressed bulk approach to customers.

Distribution time – according to the customer's requirements and wishes.

Focus group reach – leaflet distribution areas chosen to always meet the customer's needs.

Creativity – the possibility to choose colours. shapes. formats. etc. opens a large space for the customer's creativity.

Structure of distribution network– the Czech Post's own nationwide distribution network.

Measurability – a way of space communication with a rather exact measurability allowing to see almost immediately the effect of the campaign.



Distribution of Information/Promotional Materials
Parameter Description
Maximum weight 100g (including sample of goods)
Minimum size 5x9cm
Maximum size 35.3x25x2cm
Additional services None



The prices for the RIPM service and related services are without VAT. The final price will include VAT at the statutory rate (charged according to valid legislation).


 Standard delivery 3 to 5 working days after the day of posting

Delivery on a specific working day (4 or 5 working days after the day of posting)
Zone A 1)
Zone B 2)
Zone A 1)
Zone B 2)
2 g 0,92 1,14 0,94 1,18
4 g 0,94 1,18 0,96 1,23
6 g 0,95 1,20 0,98 1,25
8 g 0,96 1,24 0,99 1,29
10 g 0,99 1,28 1,02 1,34
14 g 1,02 1,37 1,05 1,44
18 g 1,10 1,49 1,14 1,57
20 g 1,13 1,56 1,17 1,65
25 g 1,17 1,62 1,22 1,71
30 g 1,22 1,71 1,27 1,81
35 g 1,28 1,78 1,34 1,89
40 g 1,35 1,86 1,42 1,98
45 g 1,42 1,96 1,49 2,09
50 g 1,48 2,04 1,56 2,17
55 g 1,56 2,15 1,65 2,30
60 g 1,62 2,28 1,71 2,44
65 g 1,70 2,40 1,80 2,57
70 g 1,79 2,55 1,90 2,74
75 g 1,89 2,68 2,01 2,88
80 g 2,01 2,84 2,14 3,05
90 g 2,23 3,18 2,38 3,43
100 g 2,49 3,71 2,67 4,01

The prices are set according to the weight of materials and the zone into which they fall (Zone A, Zone B).

 1) Zone A - households in select towns and P.O. Boxes (see Enclosure 4 "List of Towns Classified as Zone A" to the Business Terms and Conditions of the Service Distribution of Information/Promotional Materials).

2) Zone B - households in other towns and businesses.



In cash on posting or against invoice (by bank transfer, by money order A or by direct debit).



  • To use this service you will have to enter into a written contract or place an order.
  • The minimum volume to be delivered within the region of one delivery post office is 40 pcs for households and 20 pcs for businesses and P.O. Boxes; at the same time, the minimum volume to be delivered to a part of town within the region of one delivery post office is 10 pcs. All information/promotional materials posted as one item must have the same weight and delivery time.
  • This service comes with no additional services.



  • Delivery of information/promotional materials will not be confirmed by the recipient.
  • Information/promotional materials must be intended for a group of recipients without any further need of ascertaining.
  • The usual delivery time of information/promotional materials is between three to  five working days after posting.
  • Information/promotional materials should be in a format which would make it possible for the postal worker to put them into standard home's letter boxes.
  • romotional materials will not be put into letter boxes, delivery boxes or P.O. Boxes of addressees who have made it clear that they do not wish to receive them.

The contractual relationship between the customer and the Czech Post is regulated by the "Order of Distribution of Information/Promotional Materials" or the "Agreement" and the "Business Terms and Conditions of Distribution of Information/Promotional Materials" available at any post office.

For information on the number of households in towns/villages and their parts, including the number of households refusing unaddressed promotional materials, click on Documents to Download. You can use the same section to download the so-called Customer Output Certificate describing the file structure.