Commercial Letter

A cost-effective choice for bulk mailers of advertising letters.


A simple and reliable solution for bulk mailers of addressed advertising letters for nationwide delivery to letter boxes. Commercial Letter meets the needs of private bulk mailers, businesses, companies, publishers of periodicals, etc.

What can I post?

  • Newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, catalogues, invitations to business or other events, leaflets or printed matters of advertising nature.
  • Paper card.
  • Closed package with inserted contents.
  • Folded sheet of paper with secured edges so that no other item can slip in during delivery.



  • An efficient way of addressing the recipients.
  • Own distribution network for delivery of Commercial Letters.
  • Nationwide coverage.
  • A simple and fast way to reach your target group.



Parameter Description
Certificate of posting No
Certificate of delivery No
Compensation No compensation for lost, damaged or part loss items.
Maximum weight 1kg
Minimum size 14x9cm *)
Maximum size 35.3x25x2cm **)

*)         Minimum size of irregular items: If you put a piece of paper sized 14x9cm onto your item, it may not exceed the edges of the item in any direction.

**)       Maximum size including inserted small things.
            Maximum size of irregular items: If you put a piece of paper sized 35.3x25cm onto your item, the edges of the item may not exceed the piece of paper in any direction.
The shape must allow for delivery to standard letter boxes.

You can find details on the service in the Postal Terms and Conditions of the Czech Post - Other Services (Part A.VI).




Price (without V.A.T.)

Cena (with V.A.T.)

do 50g 7.20 8.71
51 - 100g 7.50 9.08
101 - 200g 8.00 9.68
201 - 300g 8.70 10.53
301 - 400g 11.50 13.92
401 - 500g 13.10 15.85
501 - 600g 14.20 17.18
601 - 700g 15.30 18.51
701 - 800g 17.50 21.18
801 - 900g 19.70 23.84
901 - 1000g 21.90 26.50

Basic prices apply to mailings of more than 500 items. The prices are without V.A.T. The final price will include V.A.T. at the statutory rate.


In cash on posting, direct debit or against invoice (by bank transfer, money order or direct debit).



  • Commercial Letter will only be accepted under contract.
  • The minimum volume per mailing is 500 items of the same size, contents, shape and weight. If you are a bulk mailer of periodicals, you can send a minimum 30,000 items per year to qualify for Commercial Letter.
  • The items must be sorted by postcode, bundled and labelled according to the Czech Post's instructions.
  • Commercial Letter may contain small things of negligible value (samples of goods or advertising things).
  • Commercial Letter is available without any of the additional services.



Your Commercial Letter will be delivered without any certificate of delivery. Preferably write the notation "Nevracet" ("Do not return") on the address side if you do not want to have any undeliverable items returned.