International Ordinary Printed Matter Bag

Ideal for larger mailings to a same addressee.


International Ordinary Printed Matter Bag is ideal for publishers and distributors of newspapers, books, magazines and other similar materials who wish to mail larger volumes to a same addressee abroad at discounted rates.

What you can post:

  • Newspapers, magazines, books and other similar materials reproduced by printing.
  • You may attach audio and audio-video records, information carriers, information materials, samples of merchandise and other similar things to each item in the bag.
  • The attached things must relate to the content of such items and the combined weight may not exceed 2kg.



  • Easy to post.
  • High-quality, fast and reliable service.
  • Favourable price.



Parameter Description
Certificate of posting No
Certificate of delivery No
Compensation No compensation for lost, damaged or part loss items.
Maximum weight 30kg (max. 20kg to the United Kingdom)
Maximum size 110x70 cm (maximum size of an empty bag)



  European countries Non-European countries
Priority Non-Priority Priority Non-Priority
Weight Price (CZK) Price (CZK) Price (CZK) Price (CZK)
up to 6kg (inclusive) 315 280 1,321 280
up to 7kg (inclusive) 361 320 1,534 320
up to 8kg (inclusive) 407 360 1,748 360
up to 9kg (inclusive) 453 400 1,961 400
up to 10kg (inclusive) 498 440 2,174 440
up to 11kg (inclusive) 544 480 2,388 480
up to 12kg (inclusive) 590 520 2,601 520
up to 13kg (inclusive) 636 560 2,815 560
up to 14kg (inclusive) 691 610 3,038 610
up to 15kg (inclusive) 742 655 3,256 655
up to 16kg (inclusive) 798 705 3,481 705
up to 17kg (inclusive) 854 755 3,706 755
up to 18kg (inclusive) 910 805 3,931 805
up to 19kg (inclusive) 966 855 4,156 855
up to 20kg (inclusive) 1,022 905 4,381 905
up to 21kg (inclusive) 1,083 960 4,611 960
up to 22kg (inclusive) 1,144 1,015 4,841 1,015
up to 23kg (inclusive) 1,205 1,070 5,071 1,070
up to 24kg (inclusive) 1,266 1,125 5,301 1,125
up to 25kg (inclusive) 1,327 1,180 5,531 1,180
up to 26kg (inclusive) 1,393 1,240 5,766 1,240
up to 27kg (inclusive) 1,459 1,300 6,001 1,300
up to 28kg (inclusive) 1,525 1,360 6,236 1,360
up to 29kg (inclusive) 1,591 1,420 6,471 1,420
up to 30kg (inclusive) 1,657 1,480 6,706 1,480

This basic postal service is VAT-free.



With postage stamps, in cash at post offices or to authorised postal staff, contractual customers also by direct debit or franking machine.



You can post your International Ordinary Printed Matter Bag at any post office or by handing it over to authorised postal staff.


Priority bags enjoy priority over the other ones mailed as International Ordinary Printed Matter Bag to a foreign place of destination.
Mark your bag with the note "Prioritní" ("Priority") or with the "Prioritaire" label or ask the personnel on posting to have your bag sent as priority mail.


You can send your International Ordinary Printed Matter Bag at an economical price. Your bag will not be carried to the destination country in the fastest possible way and the other priority mail will have priority of carriage.
No compensation is paid for delayed bags.



International Ordinary Printed Matter Bag will be delivered by the foreign postal operator without certificate of delivery.
If your bag cannot be delivered by the foreign postal operator, you will get it back with a note describing the reason why it could not be delivered.