International Registered Printed Matter Bag

Ideal for larger mailings to the same addressee, with compensation from posting to delivery.


International Registered Printed Matter is ideal for publishers and distributors of newspapers, books, magazines and other similar materials who wish to mail larger volumes to a same addressee abroad at discounted rates.

What you can post

  • Newspapers, magazines, books and other similar materials reproduced by printing.
  • You may attach audio and audio-video records, information carriers, information materials, samples of merchandise and other similar things to each item in the bag.
  • The attached things must relate to the content of such items and the combined weight may not exceed 2kg.



  • Easy to post.
  • High-quality, fast and reliable service.
  • Favourable price.
  • Available with a large number of additional services.



Parameter Description
Certificate of posting Yes
Posting documents Posting Form, all kinds of Bulk Posting Forms (on paper), Electronic Posting Form, or Data File
Certificate of delivery Yes
Compensation Compensation for lost item: CZK 4,986; compensation for damaged or part loss item: up to CZK 4,986.
Maximum weight 30kg (max. 20kg to the United Kingdom) (weight precision on posting: 100g)
Maximum size 110x70cm (i.e. the maximum size of an empty bag)



International Registered Printed Matter

European countries

Non-European countries
Priority Priority
Weight up to Price (CZK) Price (CZK)
6 348 1 354
7 394 1 567
8 440 1 781
9 486 1 994
10 531 2 207
11 577 2 421
12 623 2 634
13 669 2 848
14 724 3 071
15 775 3 289
16 831 3 514
17 887 3 739
18 943 3 964
19 999 4 189
20 1 055 4 414
21 1 116 4 644
22 1 177 4 874
23 1 238 5 104
24 1 299 5 334
25 1 360 5 564
26 1 426 5 799
27 1 492 6 034
28 1 558 6 269
29 1 624 6 504
30 1 690 6 739

This basic postal service and the related additional services and extra charges are VAT-free.

Additional services Price (CZK)
Certificate of Delivery (Avis de réception)
The sender will get a written confirmation of delivery of the item to the recipient. Mark your choice by ticking the order "Dodejka/Avis de réception" in the despatch note. Preferably stick the "Avis de réception" label on the item.
Delivery to the Addressee Only (À remettre en main propre)
The foreign postal operator will deliver the item in the manner used for Delivery to the Addressee Only mail in the destination country. Mark your choice by ticking the order "Do vlastních rukou/À remettre en main propre" in the despatch note. Preferably stick the "À remettre en main propre" label on the item.
Cash on Delivery (Remboursement)
The C.O.D. amount, given by the sender, will be collected from the recipient on delivery of the item by the foreign postal operator and paid to the sender in the Czech currency or, if the sender wishes so, by bank transfer to an account maintained by any of the Czech banks and specified by the sender.Mark your item with the note or label "Remboursement" plus the C.O.D. amount. You can choose this additional service only if permitted by the Foreign Terms and Conditions.



With postage stamps or in cash.



  • You can post your International Registered Printed Matter at any post office or by handing it over to authorised postal staff.
  • You will get a certificate of posting in the form of Posting Form or Bulk Posting Form or data file (for contractual customers only).



International Registered Printed Matter will be delivered by the foreign postal operator only against certificate of delivery.
If your bag cannot be delivered by the foreign postal operator, you will get it back with a note describing the reason why it could not be delivered.


If your bag is not delivered or if any other duty of the postal operator is breached, you may file a complaint at any post office six months from the day of posting. You complaint will be accepted only if you can produce the original copy of the certificate of posting.



  • Electronic data transfer - you can now post your mail with posting details provided on a USB disc or (contractual partners only) online via the PostingOnline application on our website.
  • Online Track&Trace - you can trace your consignment online via the Track&Trace application on our website to check whether the addressee has already received it. Contractual partners can also arrange for receiving regular daily reports on the status of posted mail.
  • Simpler and faster posting, delivery, handover, return (if necessary) of mail.
  • Cut administrative burden - barcoded mail has many benefits - you can use this service to reduce your administrative burden.
  • No-Card Cash-on-Delivery - this service requires no paperwork and the COD amount will be credited to your account in a shorter period of time. (The service will be activated during the 4th quarter of 2011.)
  • Simpler complaint handling (if necessary).
  • New versions of classic paper forms - Never mind if you cannot use the electronic data transfer option. There are new versions of paper forms waiting for you. Everyone can choose the right one.