Take advantage of Postfax for fast domestic transmission of documents from or to any person even if they have no fax machine.


You can send your document from any post office or from your own fax station to any ordinary domestic delivery address. The document can also be sent to the addressee's fax number or the addressee can pick it up at the post office of delivery.

You can find details on the service in the Postal Terms and Conditions of the Czech Post - Other Services (Part B.III).



The document will be delivered to the addressee according to your instructions, i.e. either sent directly to the addressee's fax number or delivered, at the latest next working day, to a business or residential address.



Valid from the 1st of February 2018

The prices include VAT (charged according to valid legislation).

Price paid by the sender

a) For documents posted at a post office and sent to ordinary fax numbers:

Tariff zone I*) II GSM Network**)
First page CZK 40 CZK 45 CZK 50
Second and every next page CZK 11 CZK 13 CZK 19

*) Transmission within the same calling area or to numbers 8xx xxx xxx, 973 xxx xxx, 974 xxx xxx.

**) Transmission from the public fixed-line telephone network to a GSM mobile telecommunications network.

b) For documents posted at a post office and sent to special fax numbers:

Special fax numbers First page Second and every next page
900 38x xxx CZK 130 CZK 70

c) Extra charge for delivery by ordinary walk: CZK 4 per item

d) Extra charge for returning of the original document by registered mail: CZK 52

e) Collection of the original document after the latest collection time: CZK 20

Price paid by the addressee

Only for documents sent otherwise than from a POSTFAX/BUREAUFAX station of the Czech Post.

For documents sent from a domestic or foreign fax station and:

  • collected from the delivery post office or delivered to a P.O. Box:
    - for 1 to 5 pages: CZK 16
    - for every next page: CZK 2
  • delivered by ordinary walk:
    - for 1 to 5 pages: CZK 20
    - for every next page: CZK 2