Money transfers


Under the WESTERN UNION® scheme you can send money express from more than 1,700 post offices.

WESTERN UNION® is an express money transfer programme offering both incoming and outgoing international and domestic money transfer services. It takes only about a couple of minutes to transfer your money between the sending and the receiving locations.

WESTERN UNION® services have been available at our branches since July 1st, 2002 under an agreement with PES – Peněžní expresní service, s.r.o., a local agent of WESTERN UNION FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC.

WESTERN UNION® services are now available at 225,000 locations in more than 195 countries worldwide.

Money can be sent or received by Czech as well as foreign nationals. Alternatively, money can be sent by legal persons provided that the funds are sent on behalf of an individual. The funds can be picked up at any agent location in the destination country.

The funds can be paid in or out in the Czech currency at any of the post offices providing WESTERN UNION® services. The recipient may pick them up in either the local currency or in USD or other alternative currency.

You must use the green-striped 'To Send Money' and the yellow-striped 'To Receive Money' carbonless forms to send or pick up your money, respectively. Both types are printed with instructions in Czech and English. Don't forget to check the reverse side for explanations and general business conditions.

In a number of countries WESTERN UNION® comes with the Control Question and Answer service (free of charge) as a convenience for senders whose identity documents have been lost or stolen. Control Question and Answer is obligatory when you send money to African countries with the exception of Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

The following details are required to send money:

  • the recipient's name,
  • destination country (country, state and town in case of transfers to the USA or Mexico).

The sender must produce the details and his/her identity document.

The following details are required to pick up money:

  • the sender's name,
  • the expected amount of money,
  • place and country of origin,
  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) (if provided by the sender),
  • Control Question and Answer (if used by the sender).

The recipient must produce the details and his/her identity document (unless stolen).