SIPO for payers

Dear customers, from 1 October 2023, the conditions of the SIPO service and the price list of selected SIPO services will be changed. Documents valid from 1 October 2023 can be found in the Downloadable documents section.

Service description

SIPO - direct debit of multiple payments via Czech Post’s system

Czech Post offers SIPO services as an agent collecting payments from individuals on behalf of legal or other entities under a SIPO agency contract. SIPO can be used to pay for rental, electricity, gas, water, radio and television subscription fees, cable television, newspaper and magazine subscription fees, building savings, life and other insurance, and other payments or fees.

For more information, please call Czech Post’s toll free Contact Centre+420 954 292 103 or send an email to


Benefits for SIPO payers

SIPO enables you to use a single multiple payment to settle a number of regular bills (e.g. water, gas, rental, phone, insurance, newspapers). Every month you will get a detailed statement of all scheduled bills to keep you informed about what the multiple monthly payment will include. SIPO is a modern payment tool which saves your time, nerves and money.

Good availability

  • If you want to use SIPO services, you can visit any post office to ask for the assignment of a connection number. The number will be assigned to you while you are waiting.
  • You can visit any post office to ask for the registration of a permanent or temporary contact address (e.g. your temporary residential address) for mailing SIPO documents.
  • You can visit any post office to ask for the issuing of a replacement or partial SIPO payment document (please bring any SIPO document with your connection number with you).

Personal connection number

  • Your existing or new connection number is a personal number, i.e. it will no longer be bound to your residential address or place. If you move, change surname etc., you will keep the same connection number. A fixed connection number has the benefit of allowing you to include all SIPO payments incurred at any place in the Czech Republic (such as the electricity bill at your home and the electricity bill at your summer house) into one multiple payment.

Information on the current payment

  • Each month, you will get a breakdown of SIPO payments.
  • Payers in cash will receive a SIPO Payment Document.
  • Payers by bank transfer will receive a Schedule of SIPO Cashless Payment for information purposes. They can choose whether to receive this schedule on paper or by email. If the bank limit set for SIPO payments is exceeded, they will receive a paper SIPO Payment Document to be used for payment in cash at a post office or by a one-off bank transfer.

Statements of payments issued on request

  • You can ask any post office personnel for a one-off monthly statement of payments with dates of their transfers between Czech Post and the recipient organisation.
  • You can also ask for regular monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual statements of payments.
  • They will be mailed to you on paper or sent by email.

Higher speed

  • Any changes relating to payments of radio and television licence fees will be reflected in your SIPO payments already the next month.

Payment flexibility

  • You can make the SIPO payment in between the date of receipt of the payment document and the last day of the month to which the document relates. If the payment document includes any payments with a fixed due date, such payments must be made by the due date.

Less paperwork

  • Payment documents intended for SIPO payment in cash have only one part which contains a breakdown of your payments as well as a payment order. Please bring this document with you to the post office. Once you pay, the personnel will give you back the confirmed document.

Payments at a bank

  • You can also use a one-off bank transfer to account number 156080780/0300. Please use the identification number (given in Box 1 in the upper part of the SIPO payment document for the relevant month) as the “variable symbol” (payment reference code), and your connection number (given in Box 2 in the upper part of the SIPO payment document) as the “specific symbol”. You must make the SIPO payment by a one-off bank transfer so as to allow the payment to be credited to our account at the latest the last working day of the month specified in the SIPO payment document.


How can I obtain a SIPO connection number

You have to obtain a connection number in order to join the SIPO community. Please, fill out the SIPO Application Form (Payers) and deliver it in person to the personnel at any post office. You can also get a blank form at the post office.

Fill out the boxes Surname and name and Residential address. If you want us to send you the payment documents or statements of payments to any address other than your residential address, please fill out also the box Contact address. You can also select these services by checking the appropriate box in the form:

  • Sending of statements of payments (Yes/No)
  • Periodicity of statements of payments (Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Annual)
  • Method of sending of statements of payments (By mail/By email; if by email, please enter your email address)
  • Sending of Schedules of SIPO Cashless Payments to an email address (Yes/No; if yes, please enter your email address)

Please, bring the filled out form to any post office in the Czech Republic. A connection number will be assigned to you immediately. You will receive the assigned connection number in writing. It will be your fixed connection number that will not change during your entire stay in the SIPO community. A connection number that has not been used for 4 years is automatically cancelled.


How can I include a payment into the SIPO system

Czech Radio and Czech Television licence fees

If you want to include, cancel or change radio and/or television licence fees (the current rate of the television licence fee is CZK 135), visit any post office. You will need special forms and any document with your connection number to register or cancel Czech Radio and/or Czech Television licence fees or become exempt from paying the licence. You can visit any post office to obtain the forms and go through the registration, cancellation or exemption procedure. The changes will be reflected in your SIPO payment already the next month. Starting from 01 February 2007, no reminders of unpaid radio and/or television licence fees are sent; the due fees are automatically included in the next-month SIPO payment under codes 317 Czech Radio licence fee for previous month, and 319 Czech Television licence fee for previous month.

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