Money Order B

A solution that helps send your money from an account for payment in cash in the Czech Republic.



Form of payment by the sender: from a bank account.

Form of payment to the recipient: in cash.

You can find details on the service in the Postal Terms and Conditions of the Czech Post - Basic Postal Services (Art. 58 et seq.).



  • Document based.
  • Data file based (data provided via a computer network or on a diskette).

Posting of Money Orders B based on data files is subject to an agreement. If you want to post Money Orders B based on documents on a regular basis or in larger volumes, it is convenient to make an arrangement as well (see the Information for Senders of Document Based Money Orders B).



Valid from the 1st of November 2022

Transfer value up to (inclusive) / Price (CZK) CZK 5,000 CZK 50,000 For every next started CZK 10,000
Money Order B, document based 45 55 7
Money Order B, data file based 43 53 7

This basic postal service and the related additional services and extra charges are VAT-free.

Additional services Price

Restricted Delivery
The money will be delivered:

  • in case of money orders addressed to individuals, only to the addressee, a person authorised by the addressee, a legal representative of the addressee, or a person authorised by the addressee's legal representative;
  • in case of money orders addressed to legal persons, to the addressee's authorised person only.
CZK 15
Delivery to the Addressee Only
The money will be delivered to the addressee only.
CZK 15
Fixed Time Delivery
The money will be delivered no sooner than on the day set by the sender. The fixed time limit is 30 days from posting.