Money Order A

A solution that helps you send your money to an account in the Czech Republic.



Form of payment by the sender: in cash.

Form of payment to the recipient: into a bank account.

You can find details on the service in the Postal Terms and Conditions of the Czech Post - Basic Postal Services (Art. 57 et seq.).


Money Order A

Data in the white boxes in the Money Order A form will be processed by a computer. Please use careful, legible characters to fill them out.


Money Order A for C.O.D. Payment

On delivery of recorded domestic mail (Registered Mail, Registered Mail for the Blind, Insured Letter, Insured Parcel, Profi Parcel, Commercial Parcel) posted as C.O.D. mail the C.O.D. amount, given by the sender, will be collected from the recipient and paid to the sender or to a person designated by the sender. The C.O.D. amount must be rounded to whole crowns.

If you decide to use the C.O.D. service, fill out a Money Order A for C.O.D. Payment form (a Money Order C for C.O.D. Payment form or a C.O.D. Money Order form) and hand it over to the staff on the posting of your item.

Please write the following information on the package of your C.O.D. item:

  1. the notification "Dobírka" ("Cash on Delivery") plus the C.O.D. amount both in figures and in words. Cross out any empty space left before the amount so that no additional changes can be made. Start the amount in words with a capital letter and leave out all spaces between the words;
  2. the sender's account number and bank code, if you want to have the C.O.D. amount sent to the sender's account;
  3. the notification "Příjemce dobírkové částky" ("Recipient of the C.O.D. Amount") followed by the name, surname and address (plus the account number and bank code, if applicable) of the person designated as recipient of the C.O.D. amount (if different from the sender).



C.O.D. amount up to (inclusive) CZK 5,000 CZK 50,000 For every next started CZK 10,000
Price (CZK) 52 60 7

This basic postal service is VAT-free.