International Services – What’s new?

NEW FEATURES: We translated the Send Consignment application into English and added an automatic word completion box to make the filling in of customs declaration forms easier.

The app will make it easier for you to enter complex foreign addresses. Autocomplete will also simplify the process of entering correct detailed descriptions of goods with the proper tariff number (HS code) in postal customs declaration forms.

Just enter the first three characters in the field “Description of goods” (i.e. start describing the content of the consignment), and the app will prompt matching English synonyms. The same rules apply also to the search for HS codes. Just enter the first three digits to display matching six-digit HS codes with the corresponding tariff code results.

All you need to do when you bring the consignment to the post office is to fill in an address label for the consignment and produce the data transfer code.


As required by the Universal Postal Union and its regulations, international services have undergone major changes this year, that are to continue in the coming year as well. We have been carefully preparing for all changes and have been introducing them in a way that will make them most comfortable or even beneficial to you, our customers.

What are the latest changes?

You can now not only fill in international consignment data online, but you can do so at a discounted rate!

  1. The price for international letters with posting data transferred online is cheaper than the price for letters posted with data on paper. Ordinary letters weighing more than 100 g and destined outside the customs and fiscal territory of the EU (containing goods rather than documents provided that they are accompanied by a properly and completely filled in customs declaration form) with posting data sent online cost less by CZK 8 now.
  2. The Online Posting application (for contractual customers) now includes word completion features for product-specific tariff numbers – HS codes with descriptive and tariff classification used for customs clearance (assessing the amount of customs duty and tax, if any, in the destination country). An accurate description of the content of the consignment will accelerate the customs clearance abroad, and the consignment will be delivered sooner.
    • A feature available from 1 October 2020 will facilitate the entry of HS codes. Just enter the first three characters describing the goods or digits in the HS code, and the autocomplete will offer you matching Czech synonyms with an English translation.
    • The Online Posting app now contains a list of the most common HS codes to make the navigation easier. If the HS code list does not offer you an accurate description of goods and/or matching HS code (with a 6-digit accuracy for valid international consignments), please send us an email to, and the applicable HS code will be added to the list as soon as possible, within 2 working days at the latest.
    • The full HS code can have up to 10 digits. The higher the number of digits, the more specific is the definition of goods. However, an international agreement of postal operators requires that the first 6 digits of HS codes should be used in data exchange as well as in the accompanying customs forms.
  3. The Send Consignment application is now available also in English. The app newly offers the option of sending the posting data for international consignments online. The implemented autocomplete boxes make it much easier to fill in the data required for customs declaration forms as well. An accurate description of the content of the consignment will accelerate the customs clearance abroad, and the consignment will be delivered sooner.

The European Union institutions have decided to postpone the required date of application of VAT on consignments worth up to EUR 22. The original deadline of 1 January 2021, after which the VAT exemption for low-value consignments was to be abolished, has been postponed to 1 July 2021. Obsolete data files for bulk senders have been cancelled and type P data files or the Online Posting application are now the only options for transferring posting data for international consignments destined to third countries and containing goods. The word completion feature of the app makes the filling in of customs content easier.

Did you know that the Send Consignment makes it possible:

  • to transfer posting data for the consignment online (without having to register or sign a contract with Czech Post);
  • to get a discount for certain consignments;
  • to use interactive autocomplete and other features to check the format of foreign postcode, ISO code of the destination country, HS codes, and other data;
  • to fill in the customs declaration form by just starting describing the content of the consignment – the app will offer you Czech synonyms with matching English translations and the matching HS code. 
    • If the HS code list does not offer you an accurate description of goods and/or matching HS code (with a 6-digit accuracy for valid international consignments), please send us an email to, and the applicable HS code will be added to the list within 2 working days;
  • to speed up the posting of the consignment at the post office by just showing the code generated online to the counter clerk; the code encodes the posting form and a posting certificate will be sent to your email address.

What awaits us in 2021?

The year 2021 will be marked not only by legislative changes, but also by innovations, new benefits, and the improvement of electronic posting channels.

  1. Czech Post is obliged to transmit address and customs information on consignments to third countries exclusively as comprehensive data files. You can download detailed information here (pdf, 980kB) (pdf, 980 kB).
  2. The transitional period set by the United Kingdom in connection with Brexit ends on 1 January 2021. This makes the UK a third country in terms of access to customs data. It means that customers will have to fill in customs data for letters and parcels containing goods and destined to the UK.

Although the transitional period ends on 31 December 2020, customers should note that consignments containing goods and sent in December 2020 should already be accompanied by customs data. If a consignment sent in December 2020 without customs data is delivered in January 2021, the delivery may be complicated and the consignment may be returned due to missing customs data or delayed.

As yet, the United Kingdom remains in the same price group as before.

  1. The option to print single-ply forms CP 72 will be added to the Online Posting app.
  2. The Send Consignment application will allow you to print address labels for international letters.
  3. The legislation to abolish VAT exemption for low-value consignments will have to be implemented starting from 1 July 2021. This means that all goods arriving from countries outside the customs and fiscal area of the European Union will have to be customs cleared and VAT on the goods will have to be collected.
  4. The Post Office of Exchange Prague 120 will be moved to a new location. At the beginning of 2021, it will be moved from Plzeňská 290/139 to K Hrušovu 293, Prague 10 – Štěrboholy. The Detached Department 23 Customs–Postal Operations of the Customs Office Prague–Ruzyně will move together with the exchange post office, so that everything can be done at one place after the relocation.

What benefits will it have for you, the customer?

  • Increased level of comfort, more modern and customer-friendly premises;
  • Ample parking space directly in front of the post office, with enough spots;
  • Modern waiting room with refreshments and a Wi-Fi connection.

For details, visit our product pages and/or other pages Customs clearance, Are you expecting an international consignment?, and Sending consignments abroad. These pages are continuously updated. You can also call our Call Centre at 800 10 44 10. Alternatively, contact your Czech Post sales representative.

We have taken these measures to comply with the applicable legislation and to make the process of transition to the application of tax on consignments from third countries and to the newly required posting data formats smoother. We will continue to develop preferred data channels and bring you other benefits resulting from your cooperation with us.

Please note that this web page is for information purposes only and that the dates and information provided may change depending on the development of the situation.

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