Václav Zapadlík - Czech Cars - Škoda I - stamp booklet

Catalogue number VZS13
Type of stamp Definitive postage stamp
Date of issue 04.09.2013
Face value/Price: 152,00 CZK
Print sheets á 4 x 2 different die-cut self-adhesive stamps
Size (mm) 122 x 79
Graphic designer Václav Zapadlík
Status In stock
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The front page of the booklet features three cars: Škoda Laurin Klement B 1907, Škoda Laurin & Klement 110 1925 – 1928 and Škoda 6R 1930. Located on the back side of the booklet is a short text in the Czech and English language, the designer’s self-portrait, V. Zapadlík’s signature, barcode, the Czech Post´s logo and a security feature, i.e. a hologram with a Czech Post’s motif. Václav Zapadlík was born on 23th September 1943 as the youngest of four children. As a young boy he helped out in his father’s garage, so he knew everything about cars down to the smallest detail. Finally, he trained as a carpenter, but music and art also attracted him. As a double bass player he was part of Prague’s music scene in the 60s, especially in Reduta. His first drawing - Vauxhall Cadet 1932 - was presented to the public in 1971, his drawing of a Mercedes Benz found its way into the magazines Car and The World of Engines. In the 90s, the whole world started taking notice of his art. He cooperated with the Blackhawk Museum, a prestigious car museum, his work is exhibited in San Francisco and in Pebble Beach.

Theme of the stamps:

  1. Škoda 860, r. v. 1930
  2. Škoda 860, r. v. 1930