Envelopes with additional prints

Envelopes with additional prints

Now you can boast of personalised envelopes no one else has! Production starts from 1 piece per motif.
Envelopes give you a larger space for presentation. You may also use them as an original cover for C5-sized sheets. The artwork may be any of the motifs used on the ordered sheets of stamps with coupons (exactly the same design or any of its standard adjustments are acceptable) or any of our special motifs.




The following basic types of envelopes are available for additional prints:

  • Envelope C6 (ordinary size): standard version, made of white paper (CZK 1/pc);
  • Envelope C6 (ordinary size): luxury version, made of structured paper (CZK 3/pc);
  • Envelope C5 (sized as a sheet of stamps): standard version, made of white paper (CZK 1/pc);
  • Envelope DL (the so-called long envelope): standard version, made of white paper (CZK 1/pc).

The final selling price is the selling price of envelopes (incl. V.A.T.) plus the price of additional prints (incl. V.A.T.).

Price of additional prints (incl. V.A.T.)(CZK/envelope)

Number of envelopes Price of additional prints (incl. V.A.T.)
1 CZK 19/pc
2 - 9 CZK 14/pc
10 - 49 CZK 10/pc
50 - 199  CZK 8/pc
200 - 499  CZK 6/pc
od 500 Price to be agreed