How can I make an international order

Annual Order

What is the Annual Order?

The Annual Order service guarantees that if you wish, you will not miss any Czech postage stamps or other philatelic goods. Once a year we will simply deliver to you a complete set of Czech postage stamps and philatelic goods according to your order. Just complete the simple form Annual Order (pdf, 283kB).

How and where to send the Annual Order?

If you have already made your choice of postage stamps and/or other philatelic goods, send the completed form Annual Order by e-mail to the address or by post to the address:

Czech Post
Ortenovo nám. 542/16
CZ – 170 24 Praha 7

How will the Annual Order be delivered?

At the end of the year we will deliver to you, either by post or by e-mail, a pro-forma invoice according to your Annual Order. As soon as the payment is credited to the Czech Post's account you will be promptly delivered the ordered postage stamps and/or philatelic goods.

Czech postage stamps and other postal stationery are delivered at their face value, philatelic goods at the selling prices of the Czech Post. The prices will be converted to the currency of the country of domicile of the customer by using the daily exchange rate of the Czech National Bank valid as at the date of the pro-forma invoice.

Shopping with Contractual Partners

You can also buy Czech stamps, postal stationery and philatelic goods abroad via Contractual Partners of the Czech Post. Each of them provides distribution and sale services in their respective territory.

How to cancel the Annual Order?

If you wish to cancel your Permanent Order, send an email to or by post to the address. You can use the Notice of Withdrawal Form (pdf, 401kB).

The service is subject to the  Business Terms and Conditions for Orders of Postage Stamps and Philatelic Goods (pdf, 437kB) and Pricelist (pdf, 431kB)