How can I make a domestic order

Permanent Order

What is the Permanent Order service?

Under the Permanent Order service you will get regular updates on new issues of Czech stamps and philatelic goods at the chosen intervals - every three months, every half-year or once a year. Just complete the simple form Permanent Order (pdf, 351kB).

How and where to send the Permanent Order form?

If you have already made your choice of stamps and/or other philatelic goods, send the completed Permanent Order form either by email to or by post to the address:

Czech Post
Služby filatelistům
Nákladní 29
362 07 Depo Karlovy Vary 70

How will the ordered goods be delivered?

The ordered stamps and philatelic goods will be delivered by C.O.D. mail to the address given by you in the Permanent Order form.

How to cancel the Permanent Order?

If you wish to cancel your Permanent Order, send an email to or by post to the address. You can use the Notice of Withdrawal Form (pdf, 403kB).

The service is subject to the  Business Terms and Conditions for Orders of Postage Stamps and Philatelic Goods (pdf, 437kB) and Pricelist (pdf, 431kB)