Additional cancellations

Have you missed a handstamp? Why not get it after the event? You can obtain half-year packs of additional cancellations on special postcards from our PostFila section (only handstamps of the current year are available). The price of a pack is the selling price of the postcards plus CZK 3 for each couple of cancellations (one printed over the stamp and the other, check one on the left hand side of the postcard). The price includes V.A.T.

The time limits for orders of packs of additional cancellations by handstamps used in the first and second half of a calendar year are the end of June or the end of December of the year, respectively.

The ordering address is:

Česká pošta, s.p.
PostFila, Pfil/2 
Ortenovo nám. 542/16
170 24 Praha 7 Holešovice

The ordered 1st (2nd) half-year sets will be sent to you by the end of September of the current year (March of the following year, respectively) by C.O.D. mail (without any extra charge for handling or postage).

You can also get additional cancellations by commemorative handstamps more than one year old. The cancellations, printed on commemorative sheets of the Postal Museum, will be sent to you by the Postal Museum Prague by C.O.D. mail (without any extra charge for handling or postage). The selling price per item is CZK 21 (including V.A.T.).