Authentication of documents

Description and benefits

The new Authentication and Legalisation service available since July 1st, 2009 at any post office in the Czech POINT network provides easy access to authentication and legalisation services. Just visit any of the 850 post offices located throughout the country instead of going to an office or notary public. If you want to get an authenticated copy, bring the original document and leave the rest to us.


Authenticated copy is a certified true copy of the original document. By having seen a document the authentication officer does not certify that the contents of the document are correct or accurate or in compliance with law.

The following documents cannot be authenticated:

  • documents whose authenticity cannot be reproduced (such as identity card, passport, driver's license), 
  • documents written in a language other than Czech or Slovak,
  • documents bearing an embossed text or seal,
  • documents containing changes that could diminish its authenticity, 
  • already made copies that are not a true copy of the document of which they were made, 
  • documents without clear evidence of whether they are an original document, authenticated copy, full or partial copy of a document on file, duplicate copy of a decision made in writing or the statement of a decision issued according to special legislation.

What do I have to bring?

Only the document to be authenticated.

Price List

Authentication of documents fees
For every started page of the authenticated document sized A4 or less (the fee for a page larger than A4 is the fee for a page sized A4 multiplied by the number of pages sized A4 contained in the authenticated document, e.g. the fee for a page sized A3 equals to 2times the fee for a page sized A4) CZK 30
The fees include V.A.T. at the statutory rate.

Copy services pricelist

Single-sided copy, A4, black and white CZK 3
Double-sided copy, A4, black and white CZK 4
Single-sided copy, A4, colour CZK 23
Double-sided copy, A4, colour CZK 44