SMS Alerts on a Mailbox

What is SMS Alerts?
SMS Alerts is a notification service that sends you an SMS alert every time your mailbox receives an email. The SMS can also include information about whether the incoming email is to be delivered to the addressee only.

Why use SMS Alerts?
SMS Alerts is the only option that keeps you informed about every email reaching your mailbox even if you are being unable to access your email.

How can I activate SMS Alerts?
Use the access interface of the Data Mailbox Administration System. Just log in and activate the service.

How can I use SMS Alerts?

  • Once you have chosen and activated the SMS Alerts service, enter the phone number(s) to which alert messages are to be sent.
  • There is no limit to the number of phone devices.
  • Once the new settings are saved, a charged information SMS will be sent to the phone number(s) to confirm the activation.
  • If you have activated the service for more than one mailbox and the phone number(s) to which information SMS are to be sent is (are) identical, all these requirements will be combined and linked to the given telephone number(s).
  • The mailbox containing new email(s) will be identified by the sent information SMS.


The fee is CZK 3 for one sent SMS alert (including the V.A.T.).