Postal Data Message

What is Postal Data Message?

Postal Data Message is an electronic version of Registered Letter. It is ideal in situations when you want to quickly send important correspondence and have a legal proof of sending and delivery of documents such as, contracts, reminders or invoices.

Unlike standard data messages reserved for communication with public authorities, postal data messages can be exchanged between:

  • Legal entities
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals


Why and when should I send postal data messages?

Postal data messages can be sent from anywhere any time: the only things you need is a computer and access to the Internet. You can use a postal data message to send invoices, reminders, contracts, order forms, various certificates and confirmations, simply whenever you need a proof that the document was sent in a due and timely manner. Postal Data Message is:

  • cheaper than Registered Letter
  • more trustworthy than email because it offers provable and guaranteed delivery
  • safer than email because of the secured system of data mailboxes
  • more comfortable than letters because it requires no envelopes, stamps and printing of documents.


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