Credit system

What is the data mailbox credit system?

The data mailbox credit system is the latest feature of your data mailbox. It is a new way of payment which will enable you to simply and quickly use additional data mailbox services free of any contracts or obligations. The top up credit application is available on the website It was never easier to extend the validity of messages by storing them in a data safe or to simply and provably send a postal data message to data mailboxes of individuals, legal entities or entrepreneurs.


Why should I use the credit system?

No contracts, no obligations. Top up your credit, and after a few clicks you may immediately use any additional services. There is no need to go anywhere, sign or oblige yourself to do anything.

Test and choose. Credit system is the only way to test postal data messages without having to pay a monthly fee, or to choose from a wider range of capacities or duration of storage of messages in your data safe. We are offering a wide range of capacities, just choose from any of the 9 types ranging from 50 to 5,000 messages, and period for which you want to order Data Safe: 6 months, 1 or 2 years.

Use the credit as you need. You need not use the whole credit at once, it will remain valid for up to 5 years from topping up. This gives you plenty of time to gradually use the credit.

Choose the payment method you like. You can pay by online payment via e-banking, by payment card, by standard bank transfer, or by mobile payment from a Mobito account. Choose the way that best suits your needs.


How can I use the credit system?

  1. Log into your data mailbox on
  2. Push the button "Nabít kredit" (Top up credit) and follow the displayed instructions.
  3. Once the credit is paid, you will receive a simplified tax document in your data mailbox to certify the payment and will be immediately able to use the credit to send postal data messages or buy your data safe.


By topping up your credit you do not activate your data safe. You need to activate the service in the "Datový trezor" (Data Safe) settings.

You can call our operators on information line 270 005 200 any time. They will be pleased to help you.