Data Safe

What is Data Safe?

Did you know that data messages are kept in your data mailbox only for 90 days? Data Safe automatically stores data messages also after 90 days so that you will not lose any important message.


Why should I use Data Safe?

  • It stores your messages. With Data Safe your messages will not disappear after 90 days but remain in their place. Only you can delete them.
  • It automatically works for you. Data Safe will do the bothersome archiving work for you. You will get rid of useless printing and filing of documents as hard copies or keeping of files in computer directories or labelling of documents with time stamps. Data Safe will automatically store your messages so that you will not need to care about anything.
  • It will make your work easier. Your messages will remain stored directly in your data mailbox among other messages; you will therefore not lose time seeking the hard copies or files in your computer directories. A function button will appear next to each stored message enabling you to simply delete the message and decide which messages you want to store.
  • It saves your costs. Data Safe is the financially most beneficial solution if you compare it with other solutions such as, authorised conversion of documents sometimes containing several pages, or the costs of acquiring and operating your own filing service.
  • It boosts your data protection. Czech Post is liable for the protection of data stored in your data safe so that you need not be concerned about unauthorised access to your data messages.
  • It extends the validity of your messages. Unlike data archived using your own means, e.g. printing, the validity of messages stored in your data safe does not expire.
  • You have a choice. Data Safe can be used under contract or based on credit system. A wide range of capacities and storage duration is available based on the chosen type of data safe.


Which type of data safe can I choose?

Data Safe based on contract

With contract-based Data Safe you will not have to worry about expiry of the service. Your contract will be automatically renewed at the end of each year. You will not have to fear that you might forget to extend the service and lose your important messages. After the expiry of 1 year a pro-forma invoice will be sent to your contact address; you will just pay it and that’s it - you need not care about anything else. This type of service comes with 6 types of capacities ranging from 100 to 5,000 messages. It is the only type of Data Safe which offers you the chance to store more than 5,000 messages. If you want to store more than 5,000 messages, please contact us at 

Data Safe based on credit

You can simply and quickly activate your data safe directly in your data mailbox settings. Credit-based Data Safe is the right choice for those who dislike contracts and obligations. Unlike contract-based Data Safe this option comes with another three capacities: 50, 150, and 250 messages. You can also choose the duration of storage of your messages: 6 months, 1 or 2 years. You are also free to choose the way you top up the credit: by online payment via e-banking, by payment card, by standard bank transfer, or by mobile payment from a Mobito account.


Test your data safe

Each user of a new data mailbox set up after 20 April 2013 is free to test a data safe with the capacity of 50 messages. The standard duration of storage of data messages in a data mailbox is 90 days. In addition to it, the user will automatically get access to a data safe to test it for another 3 months. This means that you can activate your data safe no earlier than 6 months after the setting up of your data mailbox.