Authentication methods

What is Authentication SMS?

Use our Authentication SMS service to boost the security of logging into your data mailbox. Like in e-banking, you will get an authentication SMS with a security code each time you log into your data mailbox. No one will be able to log into your data mailbox without first correctly entering the SMS code.


Why should I use Authentication SMS?

You will boost the security of your data mailbox

Entering an SMS code is a popular form of increasing the security of the login process. Like in e-banking, each SMS code is unique and can be used only once.

Everyone will be able to manage it

Authentication SMS is really simple to use. Just display the incoming SMS message and copy the security code from the message into the login form on Security SMS messages can be received on any mobile phone in an area covered by the mobile phone operator.

No contract and no setting

No further contract is required for this service. You can order the sending of login SMS messages directly in your data mailbox settings. No application will have to be installed on your mobile phone and no special settings are required.


Service price

The price of Authentication SMS is CZK 3 per sent SMS message (the price is quoted inclusive of VAT at the current rate). The price of incoming SMS messages will be included in your mobile phone operator’s monthly bill or directly debited from your credit.


How to use the service step by step

  1. Activate Authentication SMS in your data mailbox settings and enter the phone number to which SMS messages with security code are to be sent.
  2. An information SMS message will be sent to the given phone number free of charge to inform you about the service activation. At every subsequent logging you will be asked to enter an SMS code. Authentication SMS is available only for phone numbers (SIM cards) of Czech mobile phone operators.
  3. At the subsequent logging into your data mailbox, click on “Přihlášení SMS kódem” (Login SMS code) on the data mailbox site
  4. A page will open. Enter your user name (personal ID), password and ask for a six-digit code via SMS message.
  5. An SMS code will be sent to your mobile phone. Copy the code into the data mailbox site window and click on the button “Přihlásit se” (Login)..


Where can I find more information?

You can call our operators on information line 954 200 200 any time. They will be pleased to help you.

You can find more information on the site