Deactivation of access details and obtaining new ones

How can I obtain access details?

Access details to data mailboxes, login name and password will be delivered to the addressee only.

Don’t forget that the first password should be changed after the first login.

We recommend you change your password every 90 days. If you wish to change your password every 90 days, you should set an unlimited password validity in the menu Data Mailbox Setting.

What should I do if I lose or forget my access details?

If you lose or forget your access details, visit any Czech POINT outlet and ask for deactivation of the old access details and activation of new ones.

If you suspect that an unauthorised person might have got access to your access details, we recommend you apply for activation of new access details as soon as possible.

The first activation of new access details is free of charge; any subsequent deactivation of access details before the expiry of 3 years is for a fee.

You can authorise another individual to submit a deactivation application form on your behalf. The disadvantage of this is that the submitted authorisation letter is always converted and the application is sent to the Ministry of the Interior for assessment. This means that the details will not be deactivated immediately. In this case, the new access details are always sent by post to the given contact address.

Do you know how to boost the security of your data mailbox login or what fictitious delivery means? For further information, call the information line at 270 005 200 or visit the website