Automatically mailed extracts from public administration information systems

Service description

Do you take part in many tenders? Sign a contract with Czech Post, and you can have certified extracts from the Commercial Register, Trades Register and Register of Qualified Contractors automatically mailed directly to your office. Payment will be based on invoice delivered together with the ordered extracts.



Current extracts always at hand

We will send you an extract from the Commercial Register, Trades Register or Register of Qualified Contractors once every 3 months to make sure that you have your current extracts always at hand.

Time saving

The extracts will be delivered to the address that best suits your needs to save your time you would otherwise have to spend visiting a Czech POINT outlet.

Simple invoicing

You will get an invoice together with the ordered extracts, so you will not have to enter each extract separately into your accounting books.


How can I order automatically mailed extracts?

If you want to sign a contract, please contact your Czech Post sales representative directly, or call our Czech Post Call Centre, operators at +420 954 292 103 and ask for the contact details of the sales representative.



Price for authenticated extract
(from the Commercial Register, Trades Register, Register of Qualified Contractors)
First page CZK 100
Second or any subsequent page CZK 50
Second or any subsequent certified copy of the same electronic extract regardless of the number of pages CZK 50
Packaging and despatching CZK 70

The prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.