International Standard Parcel

A cost-effective choice for reliable delivery.


Standard Parcel meets the needs of private or business users mailing things abroad such as, e.g. gifts, documents or merchandise. Standard Parcel includes limited compensation cover.

Destination countries

You can send your item to these Destination Countries. 



Parameter Description
Certificate of posting Yes (Despatch Note)
Certificate of delivery Yes
Compensation Compensation for lost, damaged or part loss items up to the combined value of CZK 1,196 plus an extra CZK 135 for each started kilogram of weight.
Maximum weight 30kg (weight precision on posting: 100g)
For special information valid in each destination country click on (Destination Countries )
Minimum size 21x19cmThe size and package must allow to stick Despatch Note sized 21.5x15.5cm on the item. Shapes other than rectangular will be assessed accordingly.
Maximum size None of the dimensions may exceed 200cm. The maximum sum of length and the largest perimeter measured otherwise than lengthwise may not exceed 300cm. For special information valid in each destination country.



Standard parcel - priority

The price is determined according to the weight and the relevant price group, see Poštovních podmínkách – Zahraniční podmínky (pdf, 12MB)

Standard parcel - economy


Additional services and extra charges

parcels weighing up to 10 kg

parcels over 10 kg

Certificate of Delivery (Avis de réception)
The sender will get a written confirmation of delivery of the item to the recipient.Mark your choice by ticking the order "Dodejka/Avis de réception" in the despatch note. Preferably stick the "Avis de réception" label on the item.

CZK 23

CZK 21,49 (CZK 26 incl. of VAT)

Cash on Delivery (Remboursement)
The C.O.D. amount, given by the sender, will be collected from the recipient on delivery of the item by the foreign postal operator and paid to the sender in the Czech currency or, if the Sender wishes so, by bank transfer to an account maintained by any of the Czech banks and specified by the sender.Mark your item with the note or label "Remboursement" plus the C.O.D. amount.You can choose this additional service only if permitted by the Foreign Terms and Conditions.

CZK 25

CZK 24.79(CZK 30 incl. of VAT)

Shapes other than rectangular and heavier than 2kg or larger than the decisive size specified in the Foreign Terms and Conditions are delivered at a higher price.You can choose this additional service only if permitted by the Foreign Terms and Conditions.

CZK 145

CZK 144.62 (CZK 175 incl. of VAT)



  • You can post your International Standard Parcel at any post office or by handing it over to authorised postal staff.
  • You will get a certificate of posting in the form of Despatch Note. Fill in the note according to the printed instructions.
  • If your International Standard Parcel has not been customs cleared, we will act as your direct representative at the proceeding.
  • Use the appropriate column in the Despatch Note form to inform us about what to do if the item cannot be delivered at the original address.


Priority items enjoy priority over the other items mailed as International Standard Parcel to a foreign place of destination.
Mark your item with the note "Prioritní" ("Priority") or with the "Prioritaire" label or ask the personnel on posting to have your item sent as priority mail.


You can send your International Standard Parcel at an economical price. Your item will not be carried to the destination country in the fastest possible way and the other priority items will have priority of carriage.
No compensation is paid for delayed items.


Use an inside and outside package adequate to the nature and weight of the contained things, manner and duration of relocation of the item and the manner of its handling during transmission and delivery.
You can find detailed packaging requirements in the Postal Terms and Conditions of the Czech Post - Basic Postal Services (Art. 103).

What you cannot post

International Standard Parcel may not contain things listed in the Postal Terms and Conditions of the Czech Post - Basic Postal Services (Art. 102), including, but not limited to, things whose nature or package could impose risk on postal personnel or other people or soil or damage other items. 

You can get information on concrete things which are not permitted as International Standard Parcel by sending us an email at



International Standard Parcel will be delivered by the foreign postal operator only against certificate of delivery.
If your item cannot be delivered by the foreign postal operator, you will get it back with a note describing the reason why it could not be delivered.


If your item is not delivered or if any other duty of the postal operator is breached, you may complain six months from the day of posting. Your complaint will be accepted only if you can produce the original copy of the certificate of posting.