Making parcel services easier

Parcels in easy-to-measure sizes!

  • Only 4 price categories based on the size of the parcel will apply.
  • The complicated weight-based calculation method will no longer be used.
  • The size-based navigation through prices will be easy.

Price finding as easy as pie

The complicated weight-based calculation model will be replaced by a new one, based on 4 size categories of the parcel: S, M, L, and XL.

Just use a measuring tape and measure the longest dimension of the parcel to find out which category your parcel belongs to.

This will now be the easy way to find the price of the following products:

Parcel Delivery To Hand, Parcel Delivery To Post Office, Insured Parcel, Ordinary Parcel, Domestic EMS, Registered Packet.

A fitted box is a good fit

Use solid wraps or cardboard paper boxes to pack your parcel to avoid a surcharge for non-standard package. An extra charge of CZK 16 or 19 (depending on the product) will be added to the price of non-standard parcels requiring the costly method of manual processing without the use of sorting machines.

A surcharge applies to parcels that are not shaped as a cube, cuboid, or cylinder, are not packed in solid material (such as cardboard paper, strong envelope, strong plastic bag intended for transportation).

Suitable packaging materials are available at any post office or online at

Fill in the posting form online

You will get an attractive discount of up to CZK 10 per parcel!

When you post the parcel, just tell the counter clerk the code generated by the application.

No need to write the details on the parcel - just use the app to print the address label and stick it on the parcel.

No need to fill in the posting form by hand

The sending will be faster