Afternoon parcel delivery

Now you can have your parcel delivered to your home even in the evening.

What is Afternoon Delivery?

Our standard parcel delivery hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can use our late delivery services until 7 p.m. in certain selected locations.

If you want to make the delivery of your parcel even easier, why not use the possibility to arrange for delivery at a concrete time.

Use our online application to check whether your address belongs to these selected locations.

You will get an SMS or email alert including the delivery date followed by a phone call to arrange for the delivery time.


Who can use Afternoon Delivery?

Afternoon Delivery is available to households at certain selected locations in regional and former district capitals on working days.


Which types of parcels are acceptable for Afternoon Delivery?

To be eligible for Afternoon Delivery, your parcels must comply with these conditions: 

  • It must be addressed to an individual,
  • The address must be in one of the selected locations for Afternoon Delivery,
  • The sender provided us with the addressee’s phone number.


How can you provide us with contact details?

We can obtain the necessary contact details in a number of ways:

  • If you bought the goods online, you provided the online shop operator with your (i.e. addressee’s) mobile phone number and email address. The online shop operator automatically provides us with these contact details which will be used by us only to deliver the given consignment.
  • If you sent the parcel by post, you wrote the addressee’s mobile phone number on the posting form and address label. You can use the same way to give us also the addressee’s email address.


Benefits of Afternoon Delivery

  • Substantial improvement of speed and success rate of parcel delivery at first attempt,
  • Shorter waiting time at post offices,
  • Increased comfort level of customers.


Service price

Afternoon Delivery is available to households free of charge.


Contact details

We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised with our service. We welcome all your questions, comments and suggestions that will help us improve it. Our email address is

You can also call our customer line+420 954 292 102.