Oversize Parcel Delivery


  • Nationwide parcel service for mailing goods weighing up to 850 kg.
  • Standard next-day delivery to the addressee's door.
  • Available for our contractual customers. 



  • Your parcel will be picked up directly from your premises and delivered the next working day directly to the addressee's door.
  • The addressee will receive an SMS or email alert of the arrival of the parcel.
  • The addressee will be contacted by phone one day before attempted delivery to arrange for the most convenient delivery time.
  • The basic price covers compensation up to the declared value (max. CZK 50,000).
  • Oversize Parcel Delivery is a nationwide service. 


Comfort options 

We can come again
If the first delivery attempt fails, the addressee can arrange for redelivery at a more convenient time. 

You can keep track of your parcel
With the Track&Trace tool on our website you can keep an eye on your parcel. We will monitor the progress of your parcel from sending to receiving. You can do the same.

You can have a proof of delivery of your parcel to the addressee
If the addressee fails to pick up the parcel despite a second notice, your parcel will be sent back to you free of charge. With the e-Return Receipt service, you will receive an SMS or email alert informing you about delivery or return of your parcel. 

What if the goods must be carried always in the same position?
Stick standard "Do Not Tilt" labels on the parcel to make sure that it will be handled accordingly during the entire transportation process. 

What if the addressee is on holiday?
The addressee can simply order a Longer Collection Time of 7 instead of the standard 3 days. Alternatively, you can order the same service to increase the likelihood of successful delivery.



Basic parameters 

Address Fill in the address details in the address label. You must add the addressee's contact details (mobile phone, email address). We will use them to arrange for a convenient delivery time.
Certificate of posting Fill out a certificate of posting (posting form or bulk posting form if you post more than one parcels).
Certificate of receipt Your parcel will be delivered to the recipient only against certificate of delivery.
Compensation cover The basic price covers compensation for loss, damage or part loss up to the declared value (max. CZK 50,000). Higher compensation cover up to CZK 300,000 is also available for a surcharge.
Maximum weight Maximum actual weight is 850 kg. Maximum dimensional weight is 3,000 kg.
Maximum size Maximum length: 250 cm; maximum height: 180 cm; maximum width: 180 cm
Package Use an adequate package to prevent damage to other transported parcels and postal equipment.
Price calculation The price is based on the distance and the actual or dimensional weight (whichever is greater). Prices of parcels over 850 kg are based on the dimensional weight.

Czech Post's Discount Programme - directly to you!

Become our contract customer and get a discount for your loyalty. Our contract customers can use these and a range of other benefits.

  • Volume-based discounts
    Discounts are provided on the basis of the total monthly spend for the mailed parcels.
  • Technology-related discounts
    Discounts for electronic, more efficient posting. 

Do you need more information or specific services?

For more information about our services, prices and other options you can:

  • call our information operators at +420 954 292 102
  • visit any post office
  • contact our sales representatives listed on www.ceskaposta.cz