Informace o mimořádné změně poštovních podmínek

V důsledku mimořádné situace spojené s šířením viru COVID-19 dochází ke změně poštovních podmínek České pošty. Pro více informací sledujte Aktuální informace o omezení nabídky služeb.

Domestic parcels

Parcel services available at our outlets all over the country. 

Parcel Delivery To Post Office

Use Parcel Delivery To Post Office for delivery of your consignments sized up to XL (longest dimension of up to 240 cm) to any of more than 2,700 post offices in the country designated by the addressee or by the sender. Ideal for those who never know where they may be at the time of delivery.

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Parcel Delivery To Hand

Your parcel sized up to XL will be easily handed over to the addressee even in the remotest corner of this country as early as the next working day after posting.

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Parcel Delivery To Parcel Pickup Outlet

Parcel Delivery To Parcel Pickup Outlet is our most cost-effective service for delivery of your goods ordered online. You can pick up your consignment at any of the more than 400 specialised Balíkovna pickup outlets all over the country. The only information you need to produce is the pickup code sent to you by notification and your name.

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Complete Parcel

Complete Parcel is a modern prepaid parcel service including everything you need to send your consignment.

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Insured Parcel

You can use Insured Letter to safely mail your money, jewellery or documents of value. But what about valuables that are too big to fit an envelope? Use Insured Parcel sized up to XL to mail jewellery, precious stones or collectors goods. The compensation cover is up to CZK 1,000,000.

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Your documents or goods which are in your hands today can reach the addressee at the other end of the country tomorrow by 2 p.m. at the latest. Use our Express Mail Service (EMS) for fast domestic delivery of parcels sized up to L.

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Registered Packet

Use Registered Packet to reliably mail larger things which cannot be sent under the Registered Letter scheme. It is best for sending parcels of a smaller value, sized up to 60 cm (size categories S, M, or L). It comes with compensation cover up to CZK 1080.

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Ordinary Parcel

If you want to save money, you will surely appreciate the Ordinary Parcel scheme. It is available for consignments sized up to XL (longest dimension up to 240 cm) at a discounted price. You can post your consignment at any post office without any need for certificate of posting.

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Other services


The Alerts service provides electronic (SMS or email) alerts of delivery. The addressee will be notified, free of charge, of the date of parcel delivery/depositing, COD amount, etc.

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Afternoon parcel delivery

You can use our late delivery services until 7 p.m. in certain locations and until 8 p.m. in Prague. Use our online application to check whether your address belongs to these locations.

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