Organisational structure

Director General

Director General, as a statutory body of Czech Post, manages the Company’s activities and acts on its behalf. Director General decides about all matters of the Company unless they fall, by the operation of law, within the competences of the Founder or the Supervisory Board of Czech Post.


Organisational units directly reporting to the Director General

Postal Logistics

This unit ensures the operation of the logistics and delivery and special-purpose networks of Czech Post. It ensures delivery of all consignments including standard letter, registered and parcel consignments. It ensures the operation of the payment system, distribution of periodicals, advertising materials and printed matter consignments. It also provides hybrid mail services.

Sales and Marketing

This is the umbrella unit for the network of Czech Post’s outlets. It ensures sales activities for business, retail, corporate and international clients. It also ensures marketing activities. It oversees the Stamp Design, PostFila (philatelic products, postal stationery, etc.) and Business Development departments. It is in charge of cooperation with the alliance partners.


This unit ensures economic planning and financial management of the entire Company, keeps its books and manages its taxes. It carries out controlling, regular economic analyses and cost calculations.

ICT and eGovernment

This unit is in charge of ICT operations, development and customer services. It manages sales opportunities and provides ICT support in the area of public administration and eGovernment. It manages and administers Czech Post’s ICT and ensures its security. It ensures the development and operations of certification authority.

Development and Strategy

This unit defines and ensures the process of project management across the entire Company. It ensures the methodology necessary to create, implement and oversee Czech Post’s strategies. It is responsible for data storage administration and development and the corresponding reporting.

Property Management

This unit manages, ensures and audits activities in the area of use, maintenance and repairs of movable and immovable property, real property administration, supply of commodities to Czech Post, environmental issues, building and technology investments and technical supervision during construction projects. It defines the methodology and controls the implementation of the procurement process.

Corporate Management

This unit ensures the activities of the Director General’s office. It organises meetings of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board including the related administrative agenda. It ensures legal services, communications and compliance activities of Czech Post and the Postal Ombudsman. It is responsible for ensuring the issues of the postal license and regulatory affairs and for the management of Czech Post’s interest in the postal security printing company Poštovní tiskárna cenin Praha, a.s.

Human Resource Management

This unit ensures the preparation and implementation of the concept of human resource management, payroll and social policies, education, personnel administration processes. It ensures negotiations with trade unions, collective bargaining and the creation and updating of the collective agreement. It also manages the corporate values and develops the corporate culture.

Postal Technology

This unit is responsible for postal and financial services technology, claims and compensation procedures. It ensures the handling and registration of complaints. It manages the operation of the call centre for customer contact with all operating units of Czech Post. It manages the cash and valuables circulation. It is also responsible for the management and implementation of inspection activities in postal operations and distribution of information/promotional materials and periodicals.


This unit ensures security requirements for the smooth operation of services, security of property, protection of clients and employees of Czech Post. It is responsible for crisis management and planning and for the protection of critical infrastructure of the government, handling of external and internal crime against Czech Post and the management of classified information. It also manages the area of development, maintenance and repairs of electronic and mechanical security systems, transportation of cash, occupational safety and health and fire protection.

International and Domestic Relations

This unit organises international postal activities in the Czech Republic, represents the Czech Post at meetings of international postal organisations and in relation to foreign postal operators. It monitors and evaluates the activities of foreign postal administrations, monitors international postal issues and markets. It is in charge of the activities of the Postal Museum.

Internal Audit and Risk Management

This unit ensures the internal audit of the Company by providing independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve processes, and provides a systematic approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of management and control processes and corporate governance. It unifies, methodically manages, analyses and assesses the risk management process in the Company.