Cash services

We offer:

Transportation of cash and valuables

  • We transport consignments seven days a week throughout the Czech Republic.
  • Our biggest competitive advantage is 1,700 trained workers and a sufficiently large fleet of about 3,500 cars operated by Czech Post for the purposes of protected transportation.
  • The operational procedures are identical with those of conventional protected transportation, including crew identification, signing of the bill of delivery and distribution of packaging and shipping materials.
  • The cash in the vehicle is insured up to CZK 20 million and any compensation is covered by Czech Post’s insurance policy.
  • We offer single-use security plastic packages for consignments.

Handling of cash and valuables

Cash handling is an integral part of our security services. It speeds up the cash flow between the client and the bank, and the cash is reported and credited on the working day next to the day of acceptance of the consignment for transportation. The client receives fast and exact information about the handled cash, which enables them to improve the level of cash management efficiency.

  • Applied highest security standards
  • Safe deposit management
  • Continuous information about the volume of handled cash
  • Sorting into denominations and checking of authenticity
  • Handling of CZK and FOREIGN CURRENCIES
  • Preparation of subsidies - exchange of banknotes and coins of lower face values
  • Software solutions for the entire cash handling process
  • Deposit management

Our services are intended for:

  • Public administration
  • Businesses
  • Private clients

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